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The amazing thing about Bonnaroo is that it’s like a circus. Crazy outfits. Colors flying everywhere. Reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. All shades of the sun and sunset. You can be whoever you want to be in the hot Tennessee heat every single summer. It’s a personal fun house of sorts.

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Bonnaroo 2017 accomplished! I have never had so much fun camping at a music festival in my entire life. It’s complete freedom: waking up to the hot sun with a good cup of coffee, and hearing the headliners string their guitars during rehearsal at 9am. Bonnaroo is super laidback -filled with friendly locals and amazing music. In between shows this year, Dylana and I got to hang out in the sun with our Teva crew at the Teva Outpost…a beautifully curated and decked out bus filled with essential items for life on the road and camping on The Farm. You could shop any Teva sandal imaginable with the works: sunglasses, water bottles, face wipes, bandanas, patches and more. Oh, and not to mention, the bus featured fantastic air conditioning to escape the Tennessee heat.

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Bonnaroo has always been my favorite music festival. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It’s hot. Everyone’s dripping in sweat on the dance floor. And it’s all about being an individual. Wearing all the colors of the rainbow. Dancing barefoot. Making friends with absolute strangers. High-fiving every single person you pass with a simple “Happy Roo!” You just feel everyone’s freedom and positivity. You immediately feel like you’ve left the real world and landed in a peaceful, wacky place that has literally no cares in the world. The only thing you have to worry about is what band is playing next and when you can hit your tent for a quick cat nap.

The Reef crew and I definitely know how to escape and adventure in our own crazy alternate universes. Making our mark and stamping each city with our footprint. Documenting our own stories. You could definitely say Bonnaroo is like an alternate universe. Out in the middle of Manchester, Tennessee! The festival is a grassy campground of smiling, dancing hippies, with one thing in common: the love for music. And you know us at Reef LOVE music. It inspires us to keep going if we’re somewhere out in the ocean crushing a new wave, or traveling to exotic locations for our next shoot, or simply taking on the New York City streets. Right now, I’m currently listening to “American Money” by BORNS and “Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf. I love leaving a new city with a new tune to add to my forever growing playlist. Each song a reminder to live in the moment and feel the freedom we all felt in the crowds, dancing under the stars.

We counted all of our steps over the weekend, and we crushed miles and miles. We had an early morning to hike the Tennesse Old Stone trail. We walked across the famous John Seigenthaler Bridge to the Riverfront. We dancing for hours with our headphones on in the silent disco. Those long days on our feet are normally the best. Our Reef Rovers kept us company every step of the way. 

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// Reef Rover low sneakers, Rover HI-LE sandal, Reef hat, and backpack //




It’s been a while since I’ve taken a proper road trip. And a trip through the South has forever been on my bucket list! So me and my 3 babes: Dylana, Stephanie, and Raych had one destination on our mind. And that is: BONNAROO. We threw our Teva sandals in our travel bags and planned to hit 3 major must-see cities: New Orleans, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Nashville, TN! All before the craziness of Bonnaroo! Once we got off the plane, we couldn’t keep ourselves calm. Anticipating our adventures on the road, who we were going to meet, what we were going to do. And most importantly, what we were going to wear! The heat in the South was like a wave that shocked our bodies. But legs covered in mosquito bites wouldn’t stop us! We got in our car, checked into the Omni Hotel in the French Quarter, threw on our jumpsuits and Teva Flatform sandals (my new favorite style) and hit in the streets in search of coffee and beignets. New Orleans is charming and beautiful. The candy colored rows of shops in the French Quarter were picture perfect. But my friend, a local from the Garden District brought us to ByWater. It’s a little mini-Brooklyn just outside the French Quarter. We ended our one night in New Orleans with unlimited wine, cheese, Po Boys, and jazz. Lots of jazz. The music in New Orleans is insane, and it never stops. Not in the streets. Nor in the bars. The energy is inspiring. There’s true soul in New Orleans. One of the best places to go dancing. The only rough thing about being on the road is falling in love with a city, and having to leave merely 24 hours later. After one more morning of beignets, the Southern warm rain was falling, so we packed our bags and slipped on a fresh pair of Teva sandals to our next destination: Birmingham, Alabama.


// TEVA flatforms //



I was blown away by Birmingham’s luscious green trees and beautiful open roads. We spent the night curled in a cozy bar as the rain came to a stop, sleepy from our first long day on the road. There’s one thing I love about the South and that is the beautiful lakes. We spent the next morning under the hot sun at Oak Mountain State Park. All I felt like wearing was my one piece swimsuit, a great pair of Teva sandals, and giant sunhat. Dipping ourselves into the warm lake felt refreshing and exhilarating. I could have sat there all day. But we had places to go, and a tight timeframe! Bonnaroo is waiting! Singing “Sweet Home Alabama” we gathered our things before hitting up Saw’s BBQ for some classic chicken sandwiches and mac n’ cheese. Southern food really is something else. Let’s just say our bellies were pleasantly fully our entire trip! When traveling, I always indulge.

Bonnaroo was only a few more days away. And I was savoring every single moment in our hotel beds, knowing that tent life was going to be INSANE at the festival. We packed up, and hit the road late that evening to NASHVILLE. I’ve always dreamed of Nasvhille. The heavy accents, the Country music. The booze. Still in our bathing suits and soaked Teva sandals from the lake, we hit the road. We arrived in Nashville just before dark, and hit Broadway. The main street full of bars, neon lights, and people. Lots of people. Who knew we’d be just passing through Nashville during the Country Music Awards? Broadway street was pure insanity. We ended our night sipping IPA’s at Wanna B’s karaoke lounge. Raych and I hit the stage to Nicky Minaj’s “Super Bass,” Extremely breaking up the endless country tunes sung one after another. Walking back to our hotel with nothing but smiles and dreaming of our pillows. One. More. Day. On. The Road.


// TEVA originals sandals //



BONNAROOOOOOOOOOO! I can still hear the crowds from the weekend screaming “BonnaROOOOO!” over and over on the campgrounds. At this point, I was already onto my 5th pair of Teva sandals. Each worn to the bone, and with love of course from all of our days on the road. 3 cities down, now 4 full days of Bonnarooo to go! We pulled up and unloaded next to our tent. VIP camping definitely felt like a luxury with showers, bathrooms, and amazing charging stations. BUT, a small tent with 4 fashion ladies looked more like an explosion than VIP. Pink Teva sandals over here. Flatform sandals over there. Where’s my pair? But we had no time to waste. We threw on whatever we could get our hands on first, and made our way to the festival. Of every festival I’ve been to, Bonnaroo felt the most authentic. Hippies all over the campground, and never in my entire life have I seen so many Teva sandals. It felt like Bonnaroo was Teva City! Especially when you entered The Grind: the Teva coffee shop over at Pod 7 in the middle of the campground. Where you could listen to surprise gigs and DIY your sandals. For me, it was a lot like a resting spot. This wooden building the only place to shade yourself from the burning Tennessee sun. But everything about Bonnaroo felt real. The people. The campground. Everyone is there for the music. No matter how dirty you may get. No matter how cold your tent gets at night, you still want to get up and dance to Billy Joel, and run around with your top off (!) Every day, my skin got more and more tan, but my energy was still up. I survived legit camping (even if it was VIP) and I had the time of my life. Exploring new places, hearing new music, and meeting new people. It was the absolute dream road trip. I can’t wait to take my Teva sandals on another wild adventure again soon.