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Teva Forever.

// Samsoe Samsoe top and pant. Vintage belt. Teva midform universal sandals // 

I have been working and shooting Teva campaigns around the world for many years now. It’s my go-to adventure sandal, and a brand with that’s environmentally responsible. So I am so excited to be partnering up with them to announce the launch of Teva Forever, the new Teva recycling initiative. It’s super simple. Turn in your ready-to-retire Teva sandals and flip flops to be recycled into something brand new like athletic fields, playgrounds, outdoor tracks, and other purposeful things. Visit Teva.com, print out a shipping label, put your Teva sandals in a scrap box, and put them in the mail. My Teva sandals have been with me for years. Through festival seasons, beaches around the world, and right here on the streets of NYC. I like to see that they can be transformed and renewed, bringing the life and joy to others that they brought to me. I am saying goodbye to this pair so that they can be recycled and reborn! 


Teva Original Universal sandal.

Nothing excites me more than an all-American summer on the east coast with my Teva family. The moment I slip these babies on, it’s like I’m a kid again. Strapped into freedom year after year, on adventures around the globe. The tour never ends, and I never want it to end. This season, the Teva Outpost stopped over at FireFly Festival just a few hours away in Dover, Delaware. Shooting for such an iconic and timeless brand is a dream, and I look forward to it every season! What I love about the visiting the Teva Outpost is the community that it always brings together. People from all over the world with a simple love of sun, open fields, and a lot of music. There’s happiness flowing around and that’s what I love the most. Besides the Teva originals that I know so well, I have officially become a huge fan of the Teva “Hurricane Drift” sandal. So light and water-proof that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. I paired my Teva sandals with destroyed denim and silky florals. I seriously don’t know what I would do without these on my feet all weekend long. And how can I not mention the music? My top two shows of the weekend? Tyler, the Creator and Lykke Li. These beats will always remind me of friendship, blue skies, and the sweet feeling of a brand new pair of Teva sandals on my feet. 

Teva Hurricane Drift sandal.

Teva Flatform Universal Maressa sandal

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on him and her: Teva sandals

Strapping into freedom is the best feeling in the world and shooting for such an iconic brand like Teva time and time again, brings me so much joy. With each project, we’re out and about, taking on a new adventure, and simply creating. That’s what I love to do most in my Teva sandals: discover and create. ┬áThis time, the team and I packed up and headed to Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival to celebrate the Teva Outpost bus and surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who have an appreciation for travel, music, fashion, freedom, and the great outdoors. We also packed up the boys! We rarely get to travel for work with the men in our life, but they were ready and excited to explore all of Chicago and really break in their must-have Teva sandals. Pitchfork is a festival for discovery. It’s super indie and right in the middle of the amazing city. As with any festival, I wore pops of color like hot pink, red, yellow, and blue. At Pitchfork, you won’t find the typical bohemian festival style. I saw a lot more cool jeans and laidback tees. I’m happy I ditched the fringe for some classic boyish blazers to tuck myself under during a light storm. My Teva Original sandals work well on a muddy, rainy day while my Flatforms sandals much preferred dancing in the sun. It’s amazing how Teva elevates and re-invents their classic sandals with new straps, buckles, and most durable and comfortable water-proof materials. Groundbreaking to say the least. They work in every situation and they go with everything and anything in my closet. I slip them on each day before hitting the festival and go “ahhh.” They just feel that good on.

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Nicaragua is such a special country. It’s a spot that always makes me feel so much closer to the earth. The country fully embraces the simplest parts of life. That includes eating a nourishing meal grown on their very own farmland, along with a simple smile everywhere you go. It inspires me to do the same. I spent a full week at Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua for my annual tropical getaway with my two favorite ladies: my sister Dylana and our best friend Kiara. We have all been in need of a little sun and salt water after a snowy winter and thought, why not get away to Nicaragua…take epic images of this beautiful country and thoroughly enjoy a week by the bay?! In the past, we’ve travelled far and wide to places like Whistler in Canada, Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, and Tulum in Mexico. Every single time, we pack a suitcase of our favorite Teva sandals. Teva sandals are every adventure monkey’s staple. And not just in the summertime…I am talking year round. I even wear them at the airport with socks because why travel with anything else? A top Teva sandal favorite of mine is the new Terra-Float 2 Knit Universal sandal. It has a woven, quick-drying knit with FloatLite technology, meaning it’s ultralight and durable. They feel incredible on the soles of my feet and really mold to them.

They work amazing for girls like us, who live for the outdoors. The beach, the mountains, festivals, wherever. We go anywhere we can hike, swim, run, and fully disconnect from our crazy and hectic city lives. The less wifi the better. We’re constantly moving whether it be morning stretches at yoga or late nights for a little paddle board mediation session. Days were spent eating dragon fruit bowls and photographing the colorful streets of neighboring towns like San Juan del Sur, while nights were spent in our plunge pool, peacefully listening to the monkeys howling beside our tree house. My favorite parts of the day were waking up and falling asleep to the soft sound of the crashing waves in our bay. I have never felt so present and so in tune with Mother Nature and my body before. It’s amazing what friendship and a little Vitamin D can do for one’s spirit. With Teva, I can fully be as the hashtag states, able to #StrapIntoFreedom. Freedom to hop over rocky beaches, freedom to hike the trails to the bustling town of Playa Gigante on a Saturday afternoon, and freedom to simply get lost in a beautiful new place on my own two feet. My Teva sandal tan is the best tan I’ve had yet. Every time I look down I’m reminded of all the beauty in the world these feet have been able to walk through.

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