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I gravitate towards fringe, straw hats, and the sunny side of the road. I guess growing up in an old cowboy town of Los Angeles County made me a fan of driving the open road alongside acres of farm land. Oh, and there’s the heat. Nothing beats the feel of that dry heat warming my face the moment I step off the airplane.

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The amazing thing about Bonnaroo is that it’s like a circus. Crazy outfits. Colors flying everywhere. Reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. All shades of the sun and sunset. You can be whoever you want to be in the hot Tennessee heat every single summer. It’s a personal fun house of sorts.

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I bought this amazing vintage Pakistani dress from the Salvation Army in Birmingham, Alabama last month. For a mere $3 bucks I must say! I love it’s mirrored detailing and beautiful floral embroidery. Amongst the old boring dresses, this red stunner stook out like a sore thumb. I immediately threw it into my shopping cart. We packed our plastic bags filled with our thrifted finds into the trunk before our next destination. TENNESSEE. At this time, I was reading Beautiful Ruins, one of my now favorite books, in preps for my upcoming trip to Italy. Windows down, and the hair blowing my face. It was hard to focus on the pages of my book in a car full of excited girls, dancing to the music blaring in our car. We had just crossed the Tennessee border and spotted this adorable field of grass and flowers on the side of highway. The perfect reason to stop and take a little breather. With a cold bottle of Pop, we were ready for our next adventure in Nashville. I really don’t want summer to end.


// Vintage dress, Fendi sunglasses, Lolli swimsuit, Teva flatforms //