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Bonnaroo has always been my favorite music festival. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It’s hot. Everyone’s dripping in sweat on the dance floor. And it’s all about being an individual. Wearing all the colors of the rainbow. Dancing barefoot. Making friends with absolute strangers. High-fiving every single person you pass with a simple “Happy Roo!” You just feel everyone’s freedom and positivity. You immediately feel like you’ve left the real world and landed in a peaceful, wacky place that has literally no cares in the world. The only thing you have to worry about is what band is playing next and when you can hit your tent for a quick cat nap.

The Reef crew and I definitely know how to escape and adventure in our own crazy alternate universes. Making our mark and stamping each city with our footprint. Documenting our own stories. You could definitely say Bonnaroo is like an alternate universe. Out in the middle of Manchester, Tennessee! The festival is a grassy campground of smiling, dancing hippies, with one thing in common: the love for music. And you know us at Reef LOVE music. It inspires us to keep going if we’re somewhere out in the ocean crushing a new wave, or traveling to exotic locations for our next shoot, or simply taking on the New York City streets. Right now, I’m currently listening to “American Money” by BORNS and “Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf. I love leaving a new city with a new tune to add to my forever growing playlist. Each song a reminder to live in the moment and feel the freedom we all felt in the crowds, dancing under the stars.

We counted all of our steps over the weekend, and we crushed miles and miles. We had an early morning to hike the Tennesse Old Stone trail. We walked across the famous John Seigenthaler Bridge to the Riverfront. We dancing for hours with our headphones on in the silent disco. Those long days on our feet are normally the best. Our Reef Rovers kept us company every step of the way. 

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// Reef Rover low sneakers, Rover HI-LE sandal, Reef hat, and backpack //



I have survived my 5th Coachella! What a weekend! No crazy festival is never complete without my Reef squad from Southern California. They always say “How long are you staying in NYC? You know you’re still a California girl at heart!” It’s true. My heart still beats for the west coast. That tan you get on your left arm from sitting in the car. The gnarly beach waves the moment you step out of the salt water. But most of all, it is the ability to wear sandals every day of the year that always brings me back home. By now, you know all about my love for the Reef Rover. The Rover sandal. The new Rover fringed sneaker. There’s just something about the Rover that never gets old to me. It’s that I can go dancing, I can walk miles, hike, and walk through water in them because they are so comfortable. It’s that Swellular Technology, man. Your feet will thank you! They mold to you the moment you put them on. I leave them by my doorstep because they’re the first thing I gravitate to when running out the door.

Plus, I love dressing them up. They’re simple so I can go wild with the rest of my ensemble. Leave it to me to take my favorite surf sandal and pair them with a flashy gold spaghetti strap dress. Its the New York City in me too…I like to add a dash of glam. Or I’ll pair them with leather shorts by the pool. Climb rocks in them in my bikini. I wasn’t given the nickname “punk” in grade school for no reason. I’ve always been one who took the adventurous route and have fun along the way. There’s never a reason not to laugh and live in the moment. For this festival, we had a really awesome group. Professional rock climbers were in our house from The North Face and of course our Reef pro surfers: the awesome Mike Lay from Cornwall, England and Victoria Vergara from Biarritz, France. You may say we were a pretty random bunch, but that’s what made our Coachella weekend extra memorable. We all come together because we have many things in common. We all seek adventure, travel for a living, and like to bring that little extra excitement to whatever we put our minds to. I think that’s what I love about my Reef family. Living life a little bit on the edge and not being afraid to get down and dirty. Sometimes you don’t need the pretty festival dress. Just your bikini, my Rovers, and a good bottle of sunscreen.

Favorite gigs at Coachella?

Sia: For sounding amazing (even though incognito as always with her bangs) and for putting on a memorable, heart stopping performance featuring my favorite actors and dancers.

Guns n’ Roses: Even sitting in a chair due to an accident, the man can sing.

Ice Cube: Because the movie Straight Outta Compton was by far one of my favorite movies this past year!


// Reef Rover Hi sandal //


// Reef Rover low sneakers //


// Reef Day Catch sandals //


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also featuring: Haute Hippie gold and black sheer dress, Ax + Apple necklace, Halston metallic bag, Lack of Colour hat, LoveShackFancy top, Intermix leather shorts, Roe + May floral dress, and Solid & Striped bikini top + bottom + one-piece 

// photographed by Dylana Suarez //



Our Reef crew just survived a wild week at SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas! Howdy cowboys! They didn’t lie when they say everything is bigger and better in Texas. It’s true. The beers. The burgers. The music. Everything is over the top eat-till-you-drop bbq and dance-till-you-can’t-feel-your-feet loud. I live for that chaotic energy. The streets in Austin become crowded with street performers and food trucks. Just trying to find a seat on the benches may take a minute. The city loves its food and live music.

But for every Reef adventure, we always go by the spirit of #justpassingthrough. It was awesome getting to meet pro-surfer Evan Geiselman for this shoot. He’s always got a smile on his face. Even though we’re both so different (he’s always on the plane to the next most beautiful exotic beach), we’re also a bit similar. We’re both always looking for adventure. Always finding the next best thing (I discovered a ton of new bands I now love). Always finding the next trail to hike. Always on our feet. Always moving. Always traveling. Even if for me, it means fashion weeks and photoshoots, I still always go back to that California native lifestyle I’ve only known…those moments out playing in the sun. That’s when the Reef Rover sneakers come into play. I’m obsessed with this season’s updated sneaker. They are so light that you can fit a few pairs in your suitcase. And they are so comfortable you can run in them, dance in them, and even jump in the creek before putting them on again right after. Made for the beach, the desert, and that long walk on the side of the mountain.

For SXSW, you could find me pairing my Rovers with a full-on denim jumpsuit and bandana. Or the REEF “day catch” sandals with a fringed leather skirt and tube top. Dressing for the summer is my favorite. Now all I need is that tan and perfect playlist.

What I’m listening to now:

-“Baby I can Hell” by Deap Vally

-“Hundred Miles” by YALL

-“Gold Gun Girls” by Metric

-“Bloodstream” by Transviolet

-“Hypnotic” by Zella Day


// Reef Rover Low Top sneakers //


// Reef Day Catch sandal //


// Reef Rover Low Prints sneaker //


// Reef Rover Hi sandal //


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REEF film + song | #JustPassingThrough Korea in my own tune

Korea was an incredible experience. The colorful town of Itaewan in Seoul, South Korea inspired this video. It was our very last day in Korea. I had been living in my Reef “Rover” sneakers, as I always do when I’m traveling. Because I love to explore. They’re made for hiking, running, sitting front row at Seoul Fashion Week, and still then wearing out to the local bar with my favorite pair of jeans. I wore the grey suede Rover sneaker nearly everyday. They go with just about everything.

With my job, I’m always traveling. And on the last day of every single trip, I get a bit emotional, which in turn inspires me to write music. It’s that in-between feeling. The feeling of sadness knowing that the excitement of your travels are soon to come to an end, yet a craving for what is to come next. I keep a little leather journal in my bag to write down melodies that go through my head. Which eventually turns into a sort of free style writing. Soon after, the notes come to me naturally when I’m on my keyboard. Like this song, which I recorded once I got back home in NYC after a good long week away from home in Seoul.

This song, Heavy, is a little bittersweet song about constantly being on the go. As a Reef ambassador, we’re always #JustPassingThrough. We’re always moving. Whether it be digging our feet in the sand of an untouched island, or discovering the culture and food in a foreign country. Though it’s exciting and exhilarating, traveling can be a bit emotional. Missing home and familiar faces. Getting lost in your own head when you are walking down new streets alone. That heaviness in your heart when something new takes your breath away from you. I went to Bukhansan National Park on my last day in Korea to see the beautiful fall leaves, and feel the crisp air. With this trip, I pushed myself a little harder to discover more unknown places. I came across this stunning temple. It was quiet and all I wanted to do was close my eyes. It’s nearing the holidays and the new year. A time that I’m always reflecting, and thinking of what I want to do next. Where do I want to go? This song is a little bit of a moody, breathy note to end this beautiful, fortunate year. Though when I’m traveling, I wonder if this will be the last time I see this beautiful place…I remember that when I’m just passing through, I’m still savoring every single moment. Every single breath. #JustPassingThrough is just part of the journey. Leaving your mark. The ability to be unforgettable wherever you go. There’s so much more that comes with it. Recognizing your roots and where you belong. But also recognizing all the different places you can go to or someday belong to, as well.

“Heavy” song written by me.

Videography by Dylana Suarez.


Featuring Reef “rover” sneakers.

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