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Team Suarez consists of both Dylana and I, either behind and in-front of the lens. Dy and I just get one another. We’re free to be our crazy selves. We’re sisters. There’s no filter in anything we say or do. As a model, I shoot with different photographers all the time, switching in and out of character, sometimes I’m more comfortable in front of an unknown lens, I get to act…but there’s just something about being photographed by the people you love, which allows you to really be yourself. There’s an ease. It’s rare my boyfriend photographs me, but this time on our trip to St. Maarten, I let him. I guess now you can call him an instagram boyfriend. He absolutely loves to take photos and really does have a fantastic, editorial eye. I let him have a little fun behind the lens and gave him full creative freedom with my 35 mm. Only he can think wearing a towel as a dress is elegant on me.

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I met the photographer Gray Malin at a dinner party at Le Parker Meridian and fell in love with his images. The story of adventuring to unknown parts of the world, and capturing it’s beauty with unexpected objects. Like beach umbrellas and inner tubes, adding color to these exotic landscapes. The latest addition to my wall has been this big piece from his La Dolce Vita collection, following his adventures through the Italian Riviera! I just got back from my first trip through Italy, and spent a few days gallavanting in the waters of the Amalfi Coast. One of the best trips of all times, and one of the most beautiful places in the world. His newest pieces from the La Dolce Vita collection just launched this week…and I love that this piece reminds me of the smell of the fresh Mediterranean Sea. Each piece brings a positive vibe into each of my rooms.


// Gray Malin “Cefalu Yellow Umbrellas Print” from his La Dolce Vita collection + “Inner Tubes print” from his Poolside Collection //

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Wearing: St. Roche top + skirt, Luiny jewelry 



The architecture in Old City San Juan is stunning. Much of which was born with European influence…from when Puerto Rico was still in Spanish possesion back in the 17th century. You can see it in the vibrant colors, intricate fencing, and narrow streets. All of which remind me of Barcelona. Sundrenched colorful walls which have slowly faded into majestic pastel hues. As I slowly worked on brushing up my Spanish as we explored this beautiful city, we found ourselves sipping on pina coladas daily and devouring in mofongo drenched with hot chicken broth. The heat from the island making me crave the fresh fruit at La Placita. Our skin glowing thanks to the light prespiration that comes with days on our feet and early mornings laying in the sun in nothing but a bikini and off-shoulder summer dress. Dylana and I couldn’t stop taking photos. Every hidden doorway, every shadowed balcony a little gem. A postcard. Running straight through the narrow cobblestone streets, we ended at a cliff overlooking rows of flat rooftops and the blue of the ocean. Talk about breathtaking.


// photographed by Dylana and I //




Today is all about this little photo set featuring my two favorite people ever. Photographed by the amazing Dylana, and featuring jewelry by the best babe in town, Sabrina SL. Two freaking amazing girls, and two of my best friends. We played with what was left of the sun that day in my apartment and did what we love to do best. Take photos. Sabrina arrived with this slinky little nude dress in hand saying “wear this”, and with the halfly shut blinds in my place as the day comes to a closure, we discovered Light vs. Dark. Because we all have those feelings.

“Light . . . airy, innocent, fresh. Dark . . . sexy, smoldering, intense. I think every person has full access to both sides within them, no matter how much they show themselves to be on the exterior.” -Dylana Suarez

When I’m with the people I love, the people who make me laugh, and totally at ease, I discover my Light side. Unable to stop laughing or catch my breath. But we all have those dark moments, no matter how perfect life can be. There’ll always be a shift in balance. Dylana is the Libra. She is the closest thing to balance in my life. She’s like the roof to my house. Stability, my rock. Shielding me, comforting me from my inner storms. Sabrina is my Aries. Passionate, extremely emotional, but a quiet one. She doesn’t really need to say what she’s feeling…we can see it in her eyes. She’s a mother, so her strength and loving grace always makes me feel safe. I’m the Scorpio. We have the ability to hit the extreme, handling things in the most cautious and tip-toes of ways. A powerful emotional force that guides what we do, what we see, how we deal with Light vs Dark. And it’s exactly how our wildest, darkest of thoughts, racing 100 miles per second, finds light. I release it through a song, a photo, and a really good friendship. We can’t have our light without our dark. So let it loose.


// Sabrina SL jewelry, Rachel Comey dress //

Photographed by Dylana Suarez