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Condado Vanderbilt – Puerto Rico

My stay at the Condado Vanderbilt in Puerto Rico was a much needed reset. Days here feel easy. Wake up to the warm breeze on our balcony. Breakfast by the pool. Naps on the beach. Mid-day cocktail. Early dinner at sunset. Bubble baths with all the windows open in the evening. The most simple schedule, yet the most satisfying. I can’t wait to return and reconnect with all of the natural beauty around me.

Puerto Rico Portraits

// TRIANGL bikini. Longchamp scarf //

Team Suarez didn’t leave the hotel much during our stay at the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico. Between rainstorms, you could find me by the pool sipping a piƱa colada. This hotel is so iconic and has so much history. You’ll find details of its past in the lobby, which looked untouched. I just wanted to unplug and soak it all its beauty. This was definitely my Puerto Rico uniform: yellow bikini, head scarf, and sweat. 



The architecture in Old City San Juan is stunning. Much of which was born with European influence…from when Puerto Rico was still in Spanish possesion back in the 17th century. You can see it in the vibrant colors, intricate fencing, and narrow streets. All of which remind me of Barcelona. Sundrenched colorful walls which have slowly faded into majestic pastel hues. As I slowly worked on brushing up my Spanish as we explored this beautiful city, we found ourselves sipping on pina coladas daily and devouring in mofongo drenched with hot chicken broth. The heat from the island making me crave the fresh fruit at La Placita. Our skin glowing thanks to the light prespiration that comes with days on our feet and early mornings laying in the sun in nothing but a bikini and off-shoulder summer dress. Dylana and I couldn’t stop taking photos. Every hidden doorway, every shadowed balcony a little gem. A postcard. Running straight through the narrow cobblestone streets, we ended at a cliff overlooking rows of flat rooftops and the blue of the ocean. Talk about breathtaking.


// photographed by Dylana and I //




I’m currently craving a salty beach and pure silence. This week is a bit of a whirlwind, and I just want to be taken back to this moment. To unbrushed hair, black bikini simplicity. Puerto Rico amazed me with it’s stunning Condado beaches and off-the-beaten path gems. The smell of fried plantain and coconut oil on my skin. The water was crystal clear. I could lay beneath the San Juan sun and listen to these waves for eternity. Leaving something so pure and beautiful feels like a sin. We woke up in our lounge chairs and ran to the water to sink in our feet. Letting the chill of the water on our toes wake up the rest of our body.

sanjuan-9resizedsanjuan-7resizedsanjuan-17resizedsanjuan-8resizedsanjuan-6resizedsanjuan-3resizedsanjuan-5resizedsanjuan-2resizedPRbeach4_EDPRbeach3_EDPRbeach5_EDPRbeach2_ED// Vitamin A swimsuit, Biko necklace. on Dylana: Wildfox swimsuit, Sabrina SL earrings //