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Shot by Morgane Lay for Anthropologie

It really seems as if I have traveled around the world in a month. Phew! But boy was it fun. It was dancing on tables fun. So fun, I barely got sleep! Here I am behind the scenes on set with Anthropologie at the Aman in Venice, Italy. This was our last night together after days of shooting with the production team, and we had one large feast before parting ways the next day on our flights. I live for Venice’s grand interior design and a good plate of cacio e pepe. This was an end to a once-in-a-lifetime train ride on the Orient Express. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For now, I have to wait until New Year’s Eve to shimmy in another little party dress, and hopefully without knocking down a glass of red wine.


HVRMINN men’s blazer. Karen Walker sunglasses. Fendi bag. Fendi timepiece (my one is launching soon). Mother jeans. AGL boots. Gas Bisoux earrings

I am back from a whirlwind of European travels. My jetlag was so rough over this weekend, but now I am finally 100%. It feels good to back to regular NYC programming with Team Suarez. But the suitcase is there in my house, looking at me, reminding me and calling me to pack because there is somewhere else to be and very soon. There is so much to share with you so I’ll be quick! My first stop happened to be in Rome with the lovely Fendi team for a super exciting and exclusive timepieces launch. You’ll see a little sneak peek here on my wrist. Ooo la, la! But I first want to bask with you in the Roman sunlight this very early morning at the Colosseum. It’s not very often that work brings me to Rome, and it’s a must to visit this absolutely legendary piece of history. It’s grand. It’s iconic. There is nothing like it. You just stop and stare, wondering about all of the stories and secrets this place holds. I got there early, nearly 7am, to see it bare, raw, and on the sunny side of the street. I did as the Italians do and slipped on a decadent, and I do mean a little over the top look for this very early morning. These two pieces are two perfect transition pieces as the weather warms up: a classic thigh high slouchy boot and mens blazer. Oh, and my Fendi bag of course.

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Yes, National Scarf Day is actually a thing. September 27th. Mark your calendars! This week, I had the pleasure of hosting Echo New York‘s 95th Anniversary party at Bloomingdale’s. It’s pretty incredible to think their brand has been family run for over 95 years! It’s definitely very rare and a huge accomplishment! Bravo Echo New York! Thank you to everyone who came uptown to meet me and the team! It reminds how amazing and truly loyal my followers are and I’m so thankful for that! I have worn Echo scarves forever, and they have travelled the world with me from Nicaragua to Italy. I can count on their elegant prints and luxurious silk to instantly make any look pop. They are suddenly my best fall accessory. When it comes to scarves, it’s all about experimentation. Best worn around the head, as a top, skirt, or loosely hanging from my bag. Keep things classic and tie it closely around your neck. Anything goes really. I had an amazing time photographing Echo’s new collection in Venice, Italy. They make me feel like a local everywhere I go. Think drama, drama, drama. Emerald green, salmon pink, and gold have stole my heart this season. Here in NYC, I feel the cool breeze coming in from my window each morning. Fall is officially here and I always feel incredible in this look: a metallic blazer, a wool trouser, and an amazing silk scarf.

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PEOPLE MAGAZINE: exclusive look at the Intimissimi show in Verona

Thank you to People Magazine for following my Italian adventures through Verona at the Intimissimi runway show! From Venice Film Festival, I made my way to Verona to celebrate one of my favorite Italian lingerie brands. This year’s theme at the Intimissimi show? Enchanted Forest. Think loads of green lush surrounding the runway alongside chiffon skirts paired with their signature lace bras and panties. We had a long day of show preparation so I began with a slow morning and coffee at our gorgeous Hotel Due Torri, in the heart of Verona.

You’ll notice the beautiful red and gold walls. Everything in this hotel looks worn and lived in. So classically Italian. I could stay in this satin jacket and pant all day long if I could. (By the way, there’s no better bra than the balconette bra, it’s the best for full coverage!) You’ll see I wear it under everything here. I had a quick morning to walk around our gorgeous neighborhood before slipping into hair and makeup. We’re celebrating lingerie, why not go for big teased hair and a sexy eye? We did just that. Bridget Bardot locks and a really dark, smokey eye for my makeup. It was hard for me to choose between this sparkling purple blazer and blue pantsuit. I wanted to show off my amazing Intimissimi lace bodysuit and opted for a more classic look: the pantsuit and a pair of pink heels.

The space of the event was actually the Intimissimi Headquarters. The show was set up like an art exhibit, with rooms and rooms of different product presentations before we could all head into the actual show. I was blown away with the entire production. A real enchanted forest had come to life. Click below to take a peek at some of my favorite runway looks. Besides classic black lace, I’ve fallen for whites and burgundy. Even sequins! The star studded cape certainly stole the show. I can always count on Intimissimi to make lingerie iconic and effortlessly chic.

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