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When I see a burst of sunlight through my window in the morning, I can’t help but feel good and want to get dressed. New York City in the spring is totally magical, it’s so hard to pin-point the mood. It seems everyone was eating their lunch out in Madison Square Park this day. You just want to people watch, eat facing the street, and literally stop to smell the flowers. With the fresh new wave of energy hitting the city, I’ve been going for a lot more white denim, and of course, wearing the classic Kork-Ease platform sandal. The Lewy to be exact. I’m a huge fan 70’s inspired clogs with a cropped flare jumpsuit. It’s easy, classic, and just badass, especially with a little bit of stud action. Think of a more minimal Janis Joplin. That’s how I want to live my life. Killer shoes, a vintage coat from Mom’s closet, and loads of denim. It’s finally Friday and I’m gearing up for more time under the sun, scoping out the Dumbo flea, and laying out by the bridge. New York, I will always just love you.

Be sure to check out my other new Kork-Ease favorite, the HEIGHTS platform in collaboration with Free People.


// Kork-Ease sandals, Free People jumpsuit, Vintage coat, Breelayne scarf, WANT Les Essentials backpack //

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COACH 1941


Last night’s Coach 1941 event, celebrating Stuart Vever‘s latest collection screamed classic Americana. It was an event superbly put on with the wildflowers and meadow-like decor, but my favorite part about it all were the violinists frolicking in beautiful floral dresses throughout the party playing twists on today’s popular music. Bohemian with a touch of rock n’ roll is my favorite kind of combination. I snagged this look right off of the Coach runway. A leather mini, the best cowboy boots a girl could own, and what seems to be a simple t-shirt until you see the beautiful pattern around the neckline. This reversible bomber jacket was just the icing on the cake on my flirty yet cool outfit combination. Coach 1941 is when the free spirited nomad meets the New York City. Inspired by the surge of new music, the hustle of the city streets and the delicacy of nature that isn’t too far away. You can find me picking flowers at home by the ranch in California one day . . . . and then who knows, toughing it out in a good leather skirt or jacket on the NYC subway the next. Life is unexpected like that, and I love how Coach came out with something so refreshing yet still so on brand at the same time for this new spring collection.


// Coach western tee shirt, Coach blouson, Coach leather skirt, and boots //

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Sandal weather is approaching, and so are those twinkling Brooklyn nights on my rooftop. There’s so much about DUMBO that makes me crave opening my windows and letting in that fresh air just off the water. Candlelit dinner under the stars with friends. Nights that turn into mornings and coffee overlooking sunny Manhattan. I like to take my love for the outdoors, and one of my favorite travel sandals by Teva, to the city streets. There truly is nothing better than a hot, steamy summer in New York City. The candy colored flatforms remain my favorites from the new Teva spring/summer collection. They’re edgy, funky, and a bit editorial. And they just pop. Don’t be surprised if you turn heads wherever you go. I like that they’re a bit like walking on clouds…perfect for when dashing down DUMBO’s cobblestone streets. I like them best with a great pair of denim culottes, a striped tee, and quirky jacket. Go for socks if you really want to make a statement.


// Teva Flatform sandals, M Missoni jacket, 7FAM jeans, American Apparel top, Matter Matters handbag //



So I just got back home to Dumbo, Brooklyn after a month long of traveling. Yes, I’m completely wiped out, but I’ve got a ton of work to do on my new loft, next to getting a good night’s sleep because boy is this week going to be non-stop! My couch is almost here. My dining table and buffet table won’t be here for another week, so I figured I may as well begin with putting together my guest room. I just received 2 amazing Helix Sleep mattresses to put together a gorgeous day bed. I’m excited to pile it with metallic pillows and a red comforter. The amazing thing about Helix is you can customize the mattress, and it’s a simple and easy process. We spend the majority of our life sleeping. It’s worth investing in something so important. With Helix, you start by picking the side you sleep on, decide what you love/hate about your current mattress, and what firmness you prefer. Then, they create one that works best for your body type. Totally personalized.

For me, I always sleep on my side. I love my mattress very firm. And I nearly never wake up in the middle night, ever. I shall continue to sleep like a baby from now!

My story on my home and loft will be out soon. Patiently making it perfect.


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