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I was just in London with the Armani Beauty team for the launch of Armani Beauty’s Face Fabric foundation. This mousse-like nude foundation is completely weightless. I love when my makeup doesn’t feel like makeup. Shade 2 is the perfect fit for me…as are these Emporio Armani jeans. Our studio for the Face Fabric shoot was amazing. Talk about one killer set in the middle of Shoreditch, London. Everything was larger than life….from the Face Fabric customized bottles (they were even taller than me!) and foundation sponges that also doubled as pillows. It was like stepping into my very own vanity. A true makeup playground. The Face Fabric foundation is beautiful, clean, and simple. Like I said, it’s so soft and light, that the closest thing I can describe it to is a mousse-like foundation. The  texture is made to be applied with your fingers. For the shoot, I went with my best blue jeans and an oversize white shirt with a classic Emporio Armani stiletto. My makeup was extra fresh. It’s all about showing off smooth, healthy, even skin. I had a soft bronze smoky eye and an orange/red lip. I now keep the Armani Beauty Face Fabric foundation in my bag at all times, especially when I travel. I just got back to NYC from Nicaragua and it’s all I wore on the beach and everywhere in between. It’s amazing for my skin. Face Fabric comes in 12 different shades so you’re bound to find the perfect fit!

As for when I as off set and off duty, I spent my days at the Rosewood Hotel. Dylana and I had the most beautiful suite, making the most of our bubbling hot tub and delicious breakfasts in bed! And you may have noticed this vanity…just as amazing as studio light. It’s the most epic spot to find your perfect shade. Besides thoroughly enjoying our lovely hotel, I made sure to eat my way through most of Central London. Think late night dinners with the team for fish and chips at Sketch in Mayfair and a classic English high tea over at the stunning Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. The fashion version of course…we literally ate cookies the shape of Armani trench coats. Having my base at The Rosewood was a dream. Until next time Armani Beauty! I can’t wait to see the team again back in NY.

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Et Voila, meet my new Chanel. I saw it in Beverly Hills when I was home in LA, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I officially picked it up on my recent trip to Paris. Because when in Paris: get a Chanel. Gosh, it’s so pretty, I can’t stop looking at it! I’ve already taken it around the world with me and here, in London. It goes with just about everything. London was incredibly cold this past week. All I wanted to do was snuggle up at the hotel, hop from restaurant to cafe, and hit up the sauna and steam room. I didn’t get much sleep this time around either! There was too much to do and see in such a short amount of time and my internal clock certainly wasn’t wanting to adjust. I was back in town with Armani Beauty yet again for another killer photoshoot that I can’t wait to share with you for their new Face Fabric foundation. I spent a lot of time in and around the Rosewood London, our home base for the trip. It’s a new spot in London for me and I absolutely loved it. I stepped out to explore realizing how very Elton John-esque I looked: tiny sunglasses and a look that somehow didn’t match, yet completely matched. How very English of me.

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Meet my new vintage YSL blazer…a piece I’ll keep forever. I still have so much excitement for consignment shopping. This is a piece I found on Vestiaire. It was shipped in from Paris, and completely worth hours on the site, digging. I grew up going to estate sales back home in Los Angeles so I know what it’s like to dig, dig, dig for the perfect surprise piece. I really miss it and try to do a weekend route through Beverly Hills and Santa Monica if I’m ever home in Los Angeles. The items I found were incredible, and literally came down to 5 bucks for a killer coat. It’s funny but I think I really did find my style back then when I was younger…shopping on a bargain. I have this thing where I love making something old feel brand new again. Right now, I’m into boyish everything. Oversize trousers. Boxy blazers. Dr. Marten boots. Crew neck sweaters. Anything you would see on an Olsen twin. Pile it on baby. This was shot on a much warmer day back in London. I’m really back home in NYC sprawled out on my couch. We’re having a real SNOW DAY. What does that mean? School’s out. Work’s closed. Meetings have been postponed to tomorrow. I can finally catch up on everything I need via email. There really is something lovely and relaxing about a snow day. This beautiful vintage YSL piece will have to make it’s second appearance on sunnier days.

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When in doubt, wear black. Here I am on the streets of Mayfair in London: layered up in 3 of my main travel essentials: a silk blouse, a giant wool coat, and perfect polka-dot trousers. I went with my boyfriend to shop for suits out on Savile Row, the most posh and luxurious shopping road in all of London. Each store has it’s own tailor. Everything is bespoke, made of the absolute best silks and cashmeres and wools. It sure is an experience, shopping for the most perfect suit, and believe me, the men in London know how to rock a good suit. With time, I noticed low-key Shoreditch was a lot more our style though work always brings me to this part of town! Now this is where you want to stop by for a real afternoon tea. A place to dress up in your most fabulous coat and shoes. Go all out. I say go to Claridges, take a walk back in time, and indulge in England’s most buttery cakes. Now that’s one fun way to feel like royalty.

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