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I’ve only heard amazing things of Tulum’s dreamy, white sandy beaches and eco-chic resorts. It was just what this New Yorker needed after what feels like a long, never-ending winter. Mexico’s hot sun, mouth-watering salsa, and pops of cerveza were calling my name! Plus, I’ve been dying to brush up on my Spanish.  Every year, my sister Dylana and I plan a girls trip to bring together some of our favorite babes from around the world. We love anywhere with a bit of culture, lots of sun, and of course, somewhere picture perfect. Tulum was the place. We hopped on a plane straight for Cancun, before making the 2 hour drive to our off-the-beaten path beach. For trips like these, I’m always on my feet. I count on Teva to keep me covered and ready for just about anything. I packed 5 pairs. You know a girl needs her options! I love how they go with every single look, whether it be a bikini or a perfect sun dress. My Teva obsession began years ago…on the campgrounds at hot, hot Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. Which then lead us out to the jungles and hot springs of beautiful Costa Rica. And of course, we ended up even taking  our Teva sandals back to NYC for fashion week, with a play on sock’s and sandal’s, one of my favorite trends. Let’s just say, no crazy adventure with my girls ever seems complete without them now.

For our first night in Tulum, we decided to “glamp.” Glamping Hub really got me into it. It allowed us to really feel the heartbeat of the town. We slept in beautiful huts under the stars at Joy Tulum. We caught up on life by our pool, giggling like little girls late into the night (it’s been a year since we’ve all seen each other), and woke to the sound of the birds chirping. I’m so excited to tell you a few spots we’ve visited during our stay. A friend recommended we walk to Burrito Amor for breakfast, a hip joint just by our campground.The amazing thing about this spot, and Mexico in general, is their love for colorful fruit and delicious spices and chilis. A breakfast burrito was exactly what I was craving after a long day of traveling. With our bellies full, we grabbed our camera equipment and set off for the cenotes…beautiful warm, bodies of water surrounded by trees and exotic birds. They’re fantastic places to swim. They’re so calm, you can float for hours. I never took my Teva sandals off, even when jumping off the highest ledge into the cenote. I always swim in them. They protect my feet and somehow make me feel safe.

Our next few days were in front and behind our cameras. We were ready for early mornings shootings on the water, and spent our next few nights in a beautiful apartment by the long stretch of white sandy beach. Lazy afternoons were spent at The Beach Hotel for lunch, a luxurious hotel with a super secluded and remote beach just steps from the bar. You can wander just far enough that not even a soul was in sight. Nights were spent at the Papaya Playa Project, a stunning seaside resort with loud jams to dance to, surrounded by the dark crushing waves and acres of  preserved lush and trees. This is a super romantic date night spot, that’s also a ton of fun.

With amazing food and culture, comes a very diverse crowd. People from all over the world have settled in Tulum to bring vibrancy and diversity to the city. Here are a few more of my lunch and dinner recommendations. Dinner at Hartwood is a total must. Go for the beet salad, plantains, and white fish. So fresh and beautifully presented. This chic spot was started by a New Yorker, so expect a super cool and unique menu every single night. We found another more casual spot, Tunich Tulum, that’s great for lunch. Also started from an expat from Australia, it’s spin on a classic Mexican dish is both comforting and inspiring. But even with all of these amazing, innovative food choices, sometimes all we really wanted to was an authentic Mexican classic plate of rice, beans, and a few good tacos. It’s the type of food I grew up eating, and I was craving it hard. That, of course, you can find anywhere off the side roads in Playa del Carmen…the town where the locals live by Tulum. When our driver picked us up at the airport, all I wanted were tacos. He took us to a tiny hole-in-the-wall on the side of the road. Simple pollo tacos with cilantro and onions, and served with delicious salsa in tiny plastic bags. Classic, and easy.

From Tulum, we spent a few nights in Mayakoba, just an hour away to stay at the stunning Fairmont Mayakoba resort. I traded in my sandy leather hat and dusty overall shorts for bold red dresses and luxurious printed kaftans. My Teva sandals love to be styled every which way. Up or down. It’s amazing having a beach shoe to dance in and still hike in the next morning. Mayakoba has absolutely stunning beaches as well. It’s the perfect place to really decompress at the end of a long, adventure trip with a few much-needed moments by the pool. I’m still missing the hustle and bustle of the people and spirit in Tulum. Until next time will our sandy sandals wait.


Lunch at The Beach Hotel, Tulum


Breakfast at Burrito Amor.

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You know how much the Suarez Sisters love our Teva sandals! They hold so many memories for us. From our crazy road trips through the south from New Orleans to Alabama and Tennessee, to those muddy days camping out at Bonnaroo. Oh, and we cannot forget hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica. I can count on them for just about any travel escape that involves what I love most about these past summer months…like hiking, surfing, and exploring. For me, they represent freedom. The freedom to slip them on and be adventurous, feeling closer to the earth, and inspired to try new things. The amazing thing about Teva sandals is transitioning them from summer’s hot sweaty days in the sun, to a chic stroll down the tree-lined streets of Central Park in the city. That’s when SOCKS N’ SANDALS come out to play for us. It’s a trend that Dylana and I absolutely love. We love anything that is completely unexpected, fun, and makes a statement. With the right outfit, it totally works. See how we styled our Teva flatforms and sandals for 5 of our favorite fall activities. It’s a totally refreshing new take on the socks n’ sandals trend that’s hit the runways and we can’t get enough of it.



Dy’s wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crackle in black
I’m wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crafted in white



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal Crafted Leather in tan
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal Ombre in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva x UGG in white // Coming soon
I’m wearing: Teva x UGG in black // Coming soon



Dy’s wearing: Teva Universal Slide in white
I’m wearing: Teva Universal Slide in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal in white
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal in black

#SuarezSisters in collaboration with Teva.



My adventure monkeys and I have been planning an epic getaway to surf, sunbathe, and explore. Costa Rica seemed like the perfect place. There’s something so special about those empty beaches and lush, humid jungles. Plus, I love any excuse to wear a bikini along with one of the best travel shoes around, Teva. Through the years, I’ve collected so many pairs. Each have their own tale. Trails from the ocean, the cobblestone city streets, roadtrips through the South, and the California desert. They’re ideal at home for hot summers in the city, but of course they’re even better when traveling in the most exotic of beaches. I traveled with my two favorites, Kiara Schwartz and Dylana (duh)…with a little help from our photographer/videographer pal, Mike Bish. We love the outdoors and we’re not afraid to get a little grimy. We live for that adrenaline rush. We all live in different cities…LA, Vancouver, and NYC, so the pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica made for a rejuvenating and memorable reunion.

We began our trip at Peninsula Papagayo, the exclusive beach just by the Four Seasons where we stayed for the first half of our trip. I totally recommend visiting this Four Seasons. But, seriously. It’s unlike any other of the resorts complete with gigantic infinity pools overlooking the water, one of the best spas (yes, we got a killer massage and the plunge pool is like WOAH), and crystal clear waters. It’s so removed from the rest of Costa Rica which makes it feel like you’re far away from everything else in the world. Our villa was out of a little fairytale. Though we did spend a lot of time by the pool and diggin’ into the classic Costa Rican dishes, most of our days began at 6am and ended being in bed straight after dinner. The wonderful thing about tropical destinations is just being about to go with the flow. Waking up early to the sounds of the birds and monkeys, and falling asleep with the buzz coming from whatever is up in the trees. It’s a lot like sleeping a low hum. Every day was spent on our feet. We were always covered in sand or sweating out butts off in a pair of denim shorts. Bug spray and endless amounts of sunscreen are necessary when hiking…taking an 11 series zip-lining tour…climbing down rocks to get as close to the waterfall as possible. All strapped into our Tevas. What would you do without them on a trip like this? I really don’t know. But my feet thanked me that’s for sure.

From Peninsula Papagayo, we went straight for La Fortunado, famous for it’s gorgeous jungle. We were ready to get down and dirty for a more rustic adventure out in nature, looking for snakes and exotic animals. We hopped in a van for a late 3 hour ride catching the most beautiful sunset. It was red like fire. Talk about pulling off the side of the road and taking a breather, and really just soaking in how beautiful and magical Central America really is. The next half of our journey awaits. Stay tuned.



TEVA original sandals, slides, and flatforms

-Suboo black swimsuit, Gentle Fawn cover-up, Frankie’s yellow swimsuit, Wildfox green swimsuit, Vitamin A brown swimsuit, SINGLE silk kimono, Aerie red one-piece.

-Jewelry by Sabrina SL and Phyllis + Rosie

-Maria Castelli backpack 



As of late, I’ve really been getting into DIY. I remember back at Bonnarroo on my road trip with Teva, I customized my pair that I lived in out on the campsite… just for memories from the road. But this time, I’m stepping it up a notch with Swarovski crystals and their latest collaboration with DIY gurus, HonestlyWTF. Each Teva pair of sandals comes with a Swarovski DIY kit that you can easily apply on your own at home. For me, I was all about accenting the ankle strap of my flatforms by gluing on the crystals, and heating on the gold design. It’s fun using your hands and creating something beautiful. I like mine best with everything else simple. All black, with a pop of stud.

// Teva x HonestlyWTF flatform sandals //


See how to customize your Tevas here.