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With Memorial Day weekend ahead, it’s time we start thinking about the perfect beach coverup. As most New Yorkers head out for their first celebratory weekend back in the Hamptons, all that’s on our minds are 1: a bikini bod, and 2: some easy, breezy pieces. Next that glass of champagne of course. Does it finally feel like summer to you?

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It’s spring and my fabric of choice is always cotton. Light, blows in the wind, and super soft against my skin. It gets better with every single wash. It allows me to move, roll around in the sand, and breath.

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How was everyone’s first day of spring? I’m back in NY after what feels like a burst of back-to-back traveling but mentally, I’m still rocking this badass red swimsuit somewhere out in Mexico. Playing with shadows… jumping in the ocean…spending more time behind the lens than ever before. What more can a girl ask for? Every wild experience keeps me inspired to create and write and live and connect with you all. And we all know inspiration doesn’t always come easy after what feels like a long winter of hot toddy’s and oversized sweaters. Spring always gives me a rush of adrenaline and excitement. In with the new, out with the old…and not when it just comes to our closets. I’m excited for my new website (in the works), brand spankin’ new videos (subscribe now) and of course, Los Angeles (even for a few days for an upcoming shoot). Aaah, sunshine. Spring reminds me to take a little hop in my step and breathe a little more. Take more walks along the waterfront. Eat more fresh fruits. Spend more time with friends. Sing more. Take another dance class. Move more. Be inspired. I know, I know…my agenda is crazier than ever lately, and how could I do it all?! Sometimes I can’t even find the time to take that much-needed 1 hour pilates class. But I’m always working for that balance. I like that everyday feels different, especially when waking up in a new city. Tulum was a perfect getaway. I biked every single day. I lived in a bikini and loved the skin I was in, and embraced my body and it’s imperfections. No care in the world. Like I always say, imperfection is beauty. Say hello to spring!

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Another VLOG is out this week! Taking you from Tulum to Mayakoba, Mexico and through the white sandy beaches…one bikini at a time. Or shall I say, one cerveza at a time. I fully unleashed my inner jungle monkey this time around. Throughout this and next week, you’ll be able to shop each look from my adventure…so stay tuned.

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