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VOYAGE WITH ME TO Etéreo by Auberge Resorts

Voyage with me to the Yucuan Peninsula’s white sand beach at Etéreo by Auberge Resorts. There’s a calm and happy atmosphere at Etéreo, which means ethereal in Spanish. Calm in that you can connect to nature and the soul. Happy in that it’s so inviting. There’s an abundance of ease, art, and beauty here and I’m excited to take you along on the journey.



I miss the simplicity that is Tulum. My favorite part of the day is to wake up to the heat and go out for my morning coffee. To many more days of rest and relaxation. Trips like these require very little packing. Sling a sweater over your shoulders or tie your scarf on as a top. Voila. 



// Maiyo swimsuit //

This is my favorite kind of look. The absolute bare minimum. Just a cup of coffee, a bikini, and the Mexican sun. Remember my swim design collaboration with Maiyo London? Still my favorite of course. The new Maiyo collection has totally perfect the high hipped, sexy one-piece and this is a style that repeatedly gets thrown into my suitcase. I can’t wait to show you what design project I’m working on next and it’s coming out in June. Stay tuned. 


// Artesano hat, Hunter Bell dress, DSW sandals //

In Mexico, I woke up at sunrise each morning, and took a bath before bed at 10pm every night. I felt more alive, healthier than ever, and even more passionate for my work. I’m all about rest and relaxation to get up each day to live out our passions at our highest potential. There’s something in the air by the sea here that feels invigorating. It was just the trip I needed.