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// Herve Leger gown. Gucci Beauty eyeliner in Anthracite //

Tips for playing mermaid at home. Throw on a long gown. Wet your hair. Go wild with the eyeliner. Sometimes you want to feel supernatural. 


It isn’t often that I get to wear a huge ballgown, but I’m taking advantage of the moments that I can. Like here, for the MOMA “Afterparty in the Garden” with Carolina Herrera. My version of the Cinderella dress has voluminous sleeves, a fitted waist, and a giant skirt. But it’s with the print and color that I can have the most fun. Carolina Herrera makes going to a summer party extra standout with blue and yellow polka-dots and conffeti-esque oversize earrings. I completed the look with a pink/orange pair of Manolos and a new addition to my designer handbag collection . . . this rare and vintage Chanel barrel bag. A super tiny bag, that’s still large enough for my oversize iPhone 8. I like the play of proportion with a voluminous dress and a miniature accessory. It’s cartoonish, but in the best way.

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A quick hello tonight from the Catskills! This holiday weekend has been perfection. Out here in the mountains, I’ve gotten so much fresh air. A perfect Thanksgiving…one with a lot of much-needed rest. I’ve been working non-stop for the past few weeks, and already am headed to LA in 2 days so I needed this quiet little getaway to lay low and escape the city for a few days. With plenty of down time to scroll through my camera roll, I stumbled upon images of this gorgeous Gucci gown I’ve worn quite a few times this past month. It’s so good. It had to be blogged. It’s from NET-A-PORTER. I save this stunning dress for special occasions. I wore it to a red carpet event in London recently, and also here, gallivanting in Vinegar Hill  on my birthday. Even when I don’t have a reason to celebrate, it’s a piece you put on and daydream in. So. Glamorous. That’s all I can say! This silk beauty zips up like a glove and moves beautifully on the dance floor. I gravitated towards it’s retro, vintage feel. With a white flower so perfectly sewn to the neckline, it could easily double as a costume in a Hollywood movie. This old school elegance doesn’t come around often, and Gucci really knows how to bring it to life.

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The way NYC sparkles will never get old to me. Hiding in the dark corridors of Tribeca. The excitement of crossing the bridge and sticking my head out the window. Letting your hair flow. NYC is glamorous in the most simple form, if you let it be. Just close your eyes and listen. Shoes clacking down the cobblestone streets. The buzz of traffic. Chaos in the bars. Even more exciting when Etro surprises you one afternoon with the most perfect dress for a very special extravaganza. I fell in love with this special silk gown the moment it arrived, straight off the Etro runway. The plaid print intertwined with a beautiful twist of exotic flowers. Not to mention that very unexpected peek of skin on the back. It’s a delicate way to bring some punk to everything glam. Sometimes you want to embrace your feminine side with a dress that hugs you in all the right places. Forget everything else, and let the city take you into the night.


// Etro silk gown, Rodebjer vest, Kamryn Dame earrings //