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In Dubai, it’s all about glamour. This is a city that loves and lives for luxury. I felt completely at home because there was so much NYC in Dubai. Being a city full of expats from all over the world, you really get a taste for so many diverse cultures. But I wanted a real taste of the city’s Middle Eastern culture. We visited the desert of Dubai simply on a safari complete with scarves around our heads to protect us from the sun and wind while we clutched onto the bumpy ride for this thrilling adventure. Dylana and  I were in town shooting with Carolina Herrera, so of course I styled up some amazing CH pieces like stunning silk scarves tied as a top, a gorgeous maxi skirt, along with the beautiful Insignia bag. There is something so iconic about the desert here in Dubai. The sand and hills go on as far as the eye can see. I love the color pops here contrasted against the soft, sandy hills. It was a super hot, but beautiful afternoon. We sipped on traditional tea with the locals before zooming through the desert in our bright red jeep scouting out shooting locations. I love being able to move and play with iconic poses out here in the open land. It was freeing. Before we got a bit too sunburn, the team and I headed to Al Maha, a resort and spa in the middle of the desert for a little R&R. We had a delicious brunch out on the porch, while gazelles walked freely by us. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A very peaceful, serene moment that can never be recreated again. I just soaked it all up pinching myself at how lucky I was to be right there in that moment.

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Everyone deserves a little glamour in their lives. For me, it always starts with fragrance. The Good Girl Velvet Fatale Collector Edition fragrance by Carolina Herrera brings out this femme fatale character from within me. This femme fatale is a woman who is mysterious and seductive, always lounging amongst extravagant decor, and dressed in the most luxurious gowns. For who? For herself mostly. Because she can. And because she believes in the freedom of self expression. The beautiful thing about this fragrance is that it will reveal both your good girl side, and your bad girl side. The good girl in me loves the romantic tuberose and jasmine sambac notes, while the bad girl side in me loves the cocoa and roasted tonka bean notes. As Carolina Herrera describes it, it’s a “weapon of seduction.” Whether it be a night in to roll around the house in a ballgown, or preparing for an evening in an embellished mini dress and high slit for a night out, I always lean to Good Girl Velvet Fatale on my vanity. I find it’s sexy gold heel totally provocative but in the best possible way. It’s both extreme and subtle at the same time, and I think that is how every woman is in her core. To me, it represents passion, love, sensuality, and lethal charisma. It represents the woman who is both extravagant but also hidden in mystery, and these are the reasons why everyone wants to know who she is. But she will always be that intriguing secret in the back of everyone’s minds. Now that’s a story to tell.

Good Girl Velvet Fatale Collector Edition fragrance by Carolina Herrera

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It isn’t often that I get to wear a huge ballgown, but I’m taking advantage of the moments that I can. Like here, for the MOMA “Afterparty in the Garden” with Carolina Herrera. My version of the Cinderella dress has voluminous sleeves, a fitted waist, and a giant skirt. But it’s with the print and color that I can have the most fun. Carolina Herrera makes going to a summer party extra standout with blue and yellow polka-dots and conffeti-esque oversize earrings. I completed the look with a pink/orange pair of Manolos and a new addition to my designer handbag collection . . . this rare and vintage Chanel barrel bag. A super tiny bag, that’s still large enough for my oversize iPhone 8. I like the play of proportion with a voluminous dress and a miniature accessory. It’s cartoonish, but in the best way.

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