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// Renwa Yassin dress // 

This is THE dress that caused quite a bit of hype on the gram this past week. It’s beautiful isn’t it? I love it’s corset cut and rope detailing. It’s a special piece by Renwa Yassin and it’s waiting for it’s official debut outside the home. The opportunities to wear it are endless in my mind. RENWA is both a combination of minimal with couture. This designer combines these styles so seamlessly. Where would you wear this piece? 


It isn’t often that I get to wear a huge ballgown, but I’m taking advantage of the moments that I can. Like here, for the MOMA “Afterparty in the Garden” with Carolina Herrera. My version of the Cinderella dress has voluminous sleeves, a fitted waist, and a giant skirt. But it’s with the print and color that I can have the most fun. Carolina Herrera makes going to a summer party extra standout with blue and yellow polka-dots and conffeti-esque oversize earrings. I completed the look with a pink/orange pair of Manolos and a new addition to my designer handbag collection . . . this rare and vintage Chanel barrel bag. A super tiny bag, that’s still large enough for my oversize iPhone 8. I like the play of proportion with a voluminous dress and a miniature accessory. It’s cartoonish, but in the best way.

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