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// Artesano hat, Hunter Bell dress, DSW sandals //

In Mexico, I woke up at sunrise each morning, and took a bath before bed at 10pm every night. I felt more alive, healthier than ever, and even more passionate for my work. I’m all about rest and relaxation to get up each day to live out our passions at our highest potential. There’s something in the air by the sea here that feels invigorating. It was just the trip I needed. 


 // DSW shoes and handbag, Moeva dress, Prada sunglasses //

I just spent the week in Cabo for a very special project with DSW! We shot so many amazing things for this summer campaign that I can’t wait to show you. We had a super busy past few days, but I loved every second of it. These photos were taken at the special Steve Madden dinner at the Chileno Bay Resort overlooking the sea with the DSW team. I love an easy nude heel and a touch of sparkle. Not to mention, a sexy slip dress that can easily be thrown over a bikini. This was a dream project and a much needed escape from NYC. I’m feeling grateful at the moment to get to travel the world again. 



New season. New shoes. Today I’m showing you 3 spring shoe trends, Natalie Off Duty style. The sun is finally out in NYC and it’s time to start showing some ankles with the sling-back heel, pastel sneaker, and printed sandal. All of which are from DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse. They always make runway styles and trends a lot more accessible to the everyday shopper. Check out my take on these 3 trends and let me know what you think!

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It seems that with every adventure and every memory, comes a pair of shoes. The quirky pops of bright and blush pink in Notting Hill? I am immediately reminded of why I packed my Reebok sneakers from DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse with me. The bustling corners of Chinatown on a Saturday night? My Tahari black mules…great for dim sum and some late night dancing next door in Soho. DSW has proven to be a leading shoe shopping destination for me. Not only can I find amazing and fun sneakers every season, but I can also find absolutely stunning and classic feminine staples, like a fantastic pair of heels, all in one click. My eclectic style is always craving something new and so having a go-to shoe store with unlimited options is so necessary for this shoe lover.

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