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 // DSW shoes and handbag, Moeva dress, Prada sunglasses //

I just spent the week in Cabo for a very special project with DSW! We shot so many amazing things for this summer campaign that I can’t wait to show you. We had a super busy past few days, but I loved every second of it. These photos were taken at the special Steve Madden dinner at the Chileno Bay Resort overlooking the sea with the DSW team. I love an easy nude heel and a touch of sparkle. Not to mention, a sexy slip dress that can easily be thrown over a bikini. This was a dream project and a much needed escape from NYC. I’m feeling grateful at the moment to get to travel the world again. 


// Tamara Mellon boots //

This is a very fun campaign I shot for the New View boot by Tamara Mellon! Time for me to take a quick break and let my boots do they talking. They definitely have a lot to say. Here’s one: don’t mess with me. I trust in Tamara Mellon to make all of my boots. They are power, elegance, and perfection in every single step. New view. New heights. 


Rothy’s Moroccan Teal Loafer

I am kicking off summer in my Rothy’s flats, the most easy-going, comfortable shoe I own that goes with my prettiest summer dresses. I spent a few days out in Sayulita, Mexico and the gorgeous resorts of Punta Mita. I planned to pack light. Flowing silk kimonos, beaded dresses, and bikinis. And I want a shoe that really goes with everything and allows me to be on my feet all day long. Rothy’s shoes are machine-washable and sustainable, each pair made with recycled water bottles and carbon free rubber. Rothy’s has diverted over 30 million single-use plastic water bottles from landfills, giving them a second life as these beautiful shoes. How incredible is that? It’s a brand that I believe in with such a powerful message and story. The plus is that they are totally cute, versatile, lightweight, and breathable. Just what I need under the hot Mexican sun. The patterns on my Rothy’s flats fit in with all the beautiful textiles I’ve been seeing in the little stores of this little surf town. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows. With every trip comes a story. This one was spent soaking in all things friendship, sisterhood, adventure, and finding new ways to take fashion and make a powerful statement. By celebrating summer with Rothy’s I want to spread the message that we should be a lot more conscious and how we travel, what we wear, and what we’re consuming. I now feel more aware of our planet with every single step. 

Rothy’s Sunshine Honeycomb Sneaker

Rothy’s Red Apple Honeycomb Point.

Rothy’s Marigold Point.

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Runway Luxe Over The Knee Boot by FitFlop 

It’s official. They actually do exist! Shoes that are good for your body. Here are 3 of my favorite styles from FitFlop. FitFlop is based in the UK, and each technology is developed using biomechanically engineered principles. FitFlop has studied the human body, how it moves, and why. Each technology is tested at the Human Performance Lab in Calgary, the world’s leading biomechanics research centre, focusing on muscle activity, pressure diffusion, and body alignment. The science behind each FitFlop shoe is made to make you feel comfortable from the moment you put them on, until the moment you finish wearing them. I’m always so intrigued by the science that the brand puts into their designs. They focus on combining all elements of comfort with designs that feel timeless, but also on trend for the season. It’s the best balance in a shoe! FitFlop makes me want to get up and going each morning. They feel so incredible on. I’m going to walk you through 3 incredible new FitFlop shoes that I can’t stop wearing.

Right now, I’m in love with this over-the-knee sneaker. They work so well with a black midi skirt and oversize plaid coat. Dylana and I wear an ankle boot almost every day, so the Chai Classic Chelsea Boot and Mukluk Shorty II are perfect with an easy and sleek dress and pair of tights. I also want the cozy felt slippers featured here in every single color. I wear them in my house, and on my roof deck all the time, mostly paired with a cashmere jumpsuit and beanie. This from head to toe is my weekend uniform. Fall and winter just got a whole lot cozier and more chic thanks to my friends at FitFlop.

FitFlop Runway Luxe Over The Knee Boot 

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