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This is the first time Zadig et Voltaire brought their runway from Paris to NYC, and it absolutely rocked. I paired my Zadig look with an oversized coat and some really smokey eye-makeup, thanks to my team at NARS. I dressed down a wild pair of navy blue sequin trousers with a silk tank, bomber, and cowboy boots. Eclectic, yet so easy. When it comes to rock n’ roll, anything goes. It’s how you carry yourself. The Fall ’17 runway show was so much the ultimate NYC downtown wardrobe. Bringing their touch of Parisian chic to NYC just made sense. Bright pink and yellow beanies mixed with cargo, nubby knits, and tailored blazers. They’ve mastered slinky silk dresses and leather pants. But it was these additional pops of color that got me really excited. Mick Jagger approved, of course.


// Zadig & Voltaire sequin pants + silk bomber + tank + scarf+ + boots + sunglasses, Staud Clothing coat, Bally handbag, White + Warren cashmere beanie //



It’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it. A lot. Especially when it comes from Zadig et Voltaire…the epitome of French girl cool. I love visiting the team whenever I’m in Paris. Everyone’s got their perfect wool blazers. Stacked on rings. A messy head of hair. No makeup. But that’s what I love about Zadig et Voltaire. They’ve created clothing that accentuate you…whatever rock n’ roll goddess mood you’re in that day. And of course, in your most effortless, laid-back, beautiful way. And guess what? It’s almost time for their big Black Friday SALE. I say go for these staple leather pants this Black Friday. I snagged this black ensemble because head-to-toe black is pure rock n’ roll now isn’t it? Classic and totally essential this winter. I gave it a pop of red with my vintage coat. To me, leather pants with a buckled, studded-to-perfection western boot are a match made in heaven. It is what I’ll be wearing to the local dive bar here in Brooklyn, and back home on the West Coast, strolling down Abbot Kinney on New Year’s. Zadig et Voltaire nails this effortless look perfectly. It’s that je ne sais quoi. I quickly swiped on a little winged eyeliner, and gave a little shake in my hair. What would Stevie Nicks do?! When I’m gearing up for a show to perform at, or seriously having an OFF DUTY moment, I go for head-to-toe black. There’s a part of me that’s got a bit of Mick Jagger. But it’s truly the French girls that effortless rock n’ roll simplicity super well.

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// Zadig et Voltaire cashmere sweater, shiny scarf, rock matte clutch, leather pants, and boots //

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Magical Paris! How I miss you so! I was in town with the lovely ZADIG ET VOLTAIRE team for Paris Fashion Week, and they definitely taught me the ropes to being Parisian. Rule 1: Never brush your hair. Rule 2: Smoke cigarettes at the Louvre in the Paris sunlight. Rule 3: It’s totally okay to wear a beret and French kiss. Rule 4: Drink wine until you pass out. Just kidding. But most importantly, have that je ne sais quoi. Zadig Et Voltaire is a brand I’ve loved forever. Their rock n’ roll aesthetic always drew me into their lair. The rock studded boots, feathered hats, and leather overalls. For the show, I went with this stardust maxi and fur vest. Dark, and just what I wanted to slip into the night in along the quaint streets of Montmarte. Blending in so well for their runway show, which also doubled as an underground nightclub complete with guitars, leopard couches, and extra strong liquor. The theme of the night was GROUPIE. Babes who can wear star-studded bras and oversize fur vests to a gig. Smudged eyeliner and all. All I can say is: I’M WITH THE BAND MAN.

zadig-et-voltaire-10resizedzadig-et-voltaire-9resizedzadig-et-voltaire-5resizedzadig-et-voltaire-3resizedzadig-et-voltaire-13resizedzadig-et-voltaire-2resizedzadig-et-voltaire-18resizedjpgzadig-et-voltaire-14resizedzadig-et-voltaire-15resizedzadig-et-voltaire-12resizedzadig-et-voltaire-16resizedzadig-et-voltaire-17resizedzadig-et-voltaire-7resizedzadig-et-voltaire-6resizedzadig-et-voltaire-4resizedzadig-et-voltaire-1resized// Zadig et Voltaire fur vest + dress + boots, VEDA coat //