Magical Paris! How I miss you so! I was in town with the lovely ZADIG ET VOLTAIRE team for Paris Fashion Week, and they definitely taught me the ropes to being Parisian. Rule 1: Never brush your hair. Rule 2: Smoke cigarettes at the Louvre in the Paris sunlight. Rule 3: It’s totally okay to wear a beret and French kiss. Rule 4: Drink wine until you pass out. Just kidding. But most importantly, have that je ne sais quoi. Zadig Et Voltaire is a brand I’ve loved forever. Their rock n’ roll aesthetic always drew me into their lair. The rock studded boots, feathered hats, and leather overalls. For the show, I went with this stardust maxi and fur vest. Dark, and just what I wanted to slip into the night in along the quaint streets of Montmarte. Blending in so well for their runway show, which also doubled as an underground nightclub complete with guitars, leopard couches, and extra strong liquor. The theme of the night was GROUPIE. Babes who can wear star-studded bras and oversize fur vests to a gig. Smudged eyeliner and all. All I can say is: I’M WITH THE BAND MAN.

zadig-et-voltaire-10resizedzadig-et-voltaire-9resizedzadig-et-voltaire-5resizedzadig-et-voltaire-3resizedzadig-et-voltaire-13resizedzadig-et-voltaire-2resizedzadig-et-voltaire-18resizedjpgzadig-et-voltaire-14resizedzadig-et-voltaire-15resizedzadig-et-voltaire-12resizedzadig-et-voltaire-16resizedzadig-et-voltaire-17resizedzadig-et-voltaire-7resizedzadig-et-voltaire-6resizedzadig-et-voltaire-4resizedzadig-et-voltaire-1resized// Zadig et Voltaire fur vest + dress + boots, VEDA coat //

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