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// Anna Sui Spring ’19 Ready-to-Wear + Anna Sui x Teva flatform sandals // 

I got to become a mermaid for the launch of Anna Sui’s Fantasia Mermaid fragrance launch. Iridescent with a mix of sea foam green and blue. Dreamy. This is one fragrance that lets my imagination run wild all summer long and I had so much fun shooting this campaign by the water in my home of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Sweet, floral, and fruity, it’s made for waterfront picnics. I’m also featuring my top two favorite looks straight from the Anna Sui Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear runway. This is one runway show that really makes my heart skip a beat. It’s always one of the very last shows during NYFW, and it takes me back to the 60’s. The music. The colors. The hair. Always rock n’ roll, mysterious, and eclectic. There’s no other designer like her and I think that’s what makes her an icon. Dylana and I have loved her for years and years as young girls and to now work with her and be a part of her vision is a dream. You should also take a peep at the Anna Sui x Teva flatform sandals here. Adventure meets high fashion. May summer be one laying out in the sun oceanside. 

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With my schedule, a pantsuit is just easy. Throw on and go. No thought required. Always smart and extra chic. This one is by my favorite, Anna Sui, straight off the runway. A perfect 70’s inspired cut and in the most nubby and soft fabric that is almost as comfortable as my sweats…almost. This week is a special one. I get to be home in NYC as we creep up on my birthday this Friday. Scorpio babies, Happy Birthday to you! We certainly aren’t your average creature…strong, mysterious, and a bit crazy. Just the way I like it.

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Here I am, running late into the sunset, off to claim my seat at Anna Sui’s NYFW show this season…in nothing but Anna, of course. This is my dream evening look. So unique. So rock n’ roll. A glamorous gold lamé twin set (a fabric Anna Sui uses in almost every collection) adorned with plush velvet roses. The way the metallic glistens in the sun and the way the skirt moves with every step is magic. The sleeves became my wings for the evening. Anna Sui, I worship you! Thank you for taking me into another world and another time with every extraordinary design. Take a little front row peek at the Anna Sui S/S ’18. We’re talking peace and love, to the max. Her stars and moons and florals are a burst of color from a new world. Complete with folk music and daisy face paint. I like to dream in her clothes and escape. I start to play characters and new roles whenever I’m in her clothes. In this gold ensemble, I’m mentally dancing in a jazz cafe on a perfect NYC night in the 1920’s.

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Dylana and I grew up wearing Anna Sui…she is one of the main reasons we fell into fashion. I find it so beautiful the way she can tie in culture, rock n’ roll, and different eras into a single look. Her runway show is my favorite every single season. I’m always blown away with her eclectic touch and out-of-this-world imagination when it comes to design and style. You can tell Anna has a serious love for music, always making vintage rock n’ roll trends new again. I hear a string of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar and a roar of Janis Joplin’s voice whenever I shimmy into one of her amazing metallic dresses. Her designs always feel a bit mysterious… they certainly have a darkness to them, with a whole lot of quirky cool. I can spot an Anna Sui design and print from a mile away. They’re unlike anything I’ve seen out there. Her latest collections have been a mix of the wild, wild west with a romantic touch. I’m so excited that Anna Sui has collaborated with INC International Concepts, a brand at Macy’s to make her unique designs even more attainable. They feel straight off the runway, yet super wearable. Trust me, this is one collaboration you’re not going to want to miss out on.

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