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*paid for by Sunglass Hut and Refinery 29*

I was just in Miami with Sunglass Hut, on a mission to find the absolute most luxurious pair of shades for me to finish off the summer in. It was Miami Swim Week so I wanted something to make a statement in, that I could keep forever. I spent hours in the Lincoln Road store… one of their more gorgeous locations. As a woman who likes to get dressed based off my accessories, visiting Sunglass Hut is a totally like being a kid in a candy store. When I’m shopping, I start with a shape. What am I craving and what is new to me? Cat-eye! Round! Square! Then, I move on to size: Do I want something oversize? Something more face framing? After playing around with classic Ray-Bans to super chic 1970’s aviators to oversize round sunglasses that resembled a disco ball, I ended up with a piece that is super sleek. This pair by Prada is an absolute dream. The super dark lens makes you feel incognito, and a black frame is just an absolute no-brainer. It’s high fashion that’s still wearable. The team at Sunglass Hut helped me find the perfect fit.

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My mother was definitely one of my first creative influences. Dylana and I have teamed up with Sunglass Hut to celebrate our beautiful Mom and our love for her unique style. Everything she wore looked like it was made for her. But what she loved most was her accessories…especially sunglasses. The bigger the pair, the better. My mother is Chinese, born in Singapore, raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and she has that air about her. Her unique, exotic beauty is so alluring, and I swear, this woman never ages. Inside or out. She moved to London, where she grew taste for incredible fashion and eclectic style, before moving to our hometown, Santa Monica, California. The beach babe style officially coming out mixed in with her exotic finds from around the world. Along the way, she really developed her own unique taste. Stunning kimono jackets and fur wool coats. Beautiful mini dresses that showed off her long legs, paired with a great pair of vintage red sneakers back in the 90’s and a giant pair of round retro sunglasses. To this day, I’ll visit her in our LA home and she’ll immediately be showing me her latest finds from the back of her closet. Talking us into taking it back home to NYC with us. She taught me that quality matters over quantity, and to just have a small collection of beautiful things. Although she was one of Dylana and I’s main influences, I don’t think she really knew how much she had an impact on us. Creating us into the strong, independent women with a unique vision, and a dream. Encouraging us to hit the books and sit at our piano until late into the night…because being smart, creative, and fabulous is just the way she is. I can’t wait to celebrate the day with my Mom and surprise her with a brand new pair of sunglasses to add into her forever growing collection.

This Mother’s Day, I’ll be gifting my Mom more statement pieces to add into her already eclectic wardrobe.

My favorites? I love the classic Ray Ban round metal sunglasses and original aviator (because we can totally share). Along with VOGUE eyewear round sunglasses.


// Sunglass Hut Ray-Ban metal round sunglasses + VOGUE Eyewear black sunglasses //

Sunglass Hut | #StartWithTheShades


For me, the best part in getting dressed every morning is getting to #StartWithTheShades. Here are some images from my Sunglass Hut photoshoot and video shoot! I’m so excited to share it with you guys. It’s so true that a great pair of sunglasses can completely transform your look. I like to make my pair of shades the statement in my look. We channeled one of the coolest trends out there now: Neo Geo. Pops of color, and amazing geometric shapes. We’re talking circles, rectangles, and squares. We used loads of angular, strucutred pieces on set. Not to mention, the SUNGLASSES. This Dolce & Gabbana pair from Sunglass Hut had amazing neo-geo sharp edges. I love the extra dark lenses. Super chic.

Now take a peek. How amazing are the gifs?! We had a great team. With the amazing Raul x Mihai producing…Logan on wardobe, and Katy on hair, Chichi on makeup. Loved this team!


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Be sure to watch the full videos featured on the Sunglass Hut instagram here, and here!