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I am taking you inside the laboratory and into the making of of NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum, our very first fragrance. We spent months working with our incredible perfumers at the iconic Firmenich Laboratory and the Scent Beauty team to come up with our ideal scent. The creative process has been my favorite part, working alongside such an incredible team.

We got to dive into our senses and create our own world through scent. We began with our mood board. It’s playful and sensual. It’s inspired by bright blue skies, pinks, and metallics. We took inspiration from our earth which you will find in our fuchsia marble cap on the bottle. You’ll find the sunset in the faded glass. We wanted the fragrance to feel natural, mixed with untouched parts of our planet. We want it to take you somewhere else. The NATALIE DYLANA fragrance is unisex. It’s happy and fresh. It’s warm. It’s sophisticated. It’s awakening and vibrant. It’s made for the eclectic individual. The daring individual. The strong and powerful individual. The optimistic individual. It’s made for the the individual who is confident enough to stand out and break all boundaries. You’ll find the complexity of sister duality here. Soft yet strong. Bold yet understated. Sweet yet sexy. Our creation is fruity yet woody, bold yet fresh and sexy. Contradicting yet complimentary. Our scent is made for the happy, free spirit with a soft heart and strong mind. I wear our scent before bed and right when I wake up. The citrus gives me a jolt of energy. The cedarwood and fresh fig give me that sexy warmth I love feeling on my skin. I love splashing it on my next, wrist, and on my hair the moment I step out of the shower. It’s a beautiful creation that I am so proud of! 

Top notes: fresh fig, mandarin leaf, red currant

Heart notes: cactus flower, jasmine petal, orange blossom

Base notes: sheer amber woods, musks, cedarwood

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// NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum // 

Our very first fragrance, NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum, is now live and available to shop, exclusively at Scent Beauty! This is our very first product launch together as the Suarez Sisters, and we couldn’t be more excited to tap into the beauty world and create our very own story through scent. Fragrance is an art, a way of self expression, and it’s more than an accessory, it becomes a part of you. A part of your essence. I have to say, NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum is truly a part of us. This scent is is joy in a bottle. It feels both brand new, different, yet it also feels nostalgic. It feels like home. Like you just want to get closer and closer to whoever has it on their skin. As we were creating this product with the amazing team at Scent Beauty and our wonderful perfumers at Firmenich laboratories, we wanted to play off the duality of sisterhood which is complex, contrasting, yet complimenting. We wanted our scent to feel powerful, yet soft enough to be worn at all hours of the day. But most importantly, we wanted it to reflect the earth, in both the scent’s notes and the beautiful bottle. You’ll notice we played off our love of disco desert, words we used constantly in the product development phase. Why disco desert? Dylana and I love the beauty and simplicity of the desert, which derives from our west coast roots, combined with a playful, bold Studio 54 which is really found in our NYC dna. We took inspiration from the outdoors: pink sunsets, clear blue skies, woods, and marbles. Our fushia marble top and sunset fade on the bottle reflects our love for nature as well as color. We spent months in product development at Firmenich laboratories, testing numerous scents on our skin to see how they wear over time. Before we knew it, NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum was born

Our scent is happy. It’s awakening. It’s comforting. It’s fruity and woody. It feels warm. But there’s a freshness to it. It feels clean, soft, elegant. There’s nothing like it. It just makes you want to get close to whoever is wearing it. Finding that mix of freshness and warmth was key to us. It’s all about that duality. The beauty of a perfect, unusual contrast. This scent is unisex, and made for the perfectly imperfect. 

Here are the notes: 

– juicy fig and mandarin for our playful side

-jasmine petals and orange blossom for our sensual side

-amber woods, musk, and cedarwood for our edgy, warm side

Shop it now: NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum.

WWD: Dylana and Natalie Lim Suarez Venture Into Fragrance with Scent Beauty

// NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum // 

This has been the most exciting article yet! Thank you WWD for this incredible insider’s look for our new venture. Dylana and I have been having a whirlwind past few weeks! We have just launched our very first fragrance, NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum, exclusively available now at Scent Beauty.

Take a peek inside our article below for an insider’s look at this amazing partnership. We couldn’t be happier to now be able to create and story-tell through fragrance. Fragrance always felt like a very untouched space in the digital world, and we’re so excited to join Scent Beauty in pathing the path of creating individual, personal fragrances for niche markets online. What I absolutely love about our fragrance was the team we worked with: Firmenich laboratories, the most experienced and professional team at Scent Beauty, and of course, creating a super quality, elegant product. NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum is happy, it’s warm, it’s elegant, it’s sensual. It’s a scent that adds to one’s essence. It’s wearable for both day and night. Never overpowering, just simply perfect on the skin. It’s all about the duality of sisterhood. Each note contrasting, yet complimentary. We incorporated our playful side with fig and mandarin, our sensual side with jasmine petals and orange blossom, and our edgy sensual side with musk and cedarwood. Now that is a dream in a bottle. 

We are so so happy to see you all enjoying the fragrance so much! I will be posting our ad campaign very, very soon! 

Shop NATALIE DYLANA Eau de Parfum here