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On my last visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Hotel Majestic. My grandfather was the manager at the Station Hotel in the 50’s, another historic hotel just across the street, where my mother spent most of her childhood! She had many stories of sneaking off to Hotel Majestic, hiding in the hotel corridors as a kid, making new friends with travelers from around the world. She loved getting a taste of the world outside Malaysia by being in touch with so many international guests. The Majestic opened back in 1932 as one of the most luxurious 5 star hotels in all of Malaysia and to this day, still stays true to both it’s rating and charming old self. It also has a lot of British influence, complete with a gorgeous orchid room serving afternoon high-tea and. It’s amazing staying at a hotel that is so iconic and so in touch with my mother’s childhood. It was like taking a step in the past, with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour. Noodle soup and curry for breakfast ain’t so bad either. Thank you Hotel Majestic for the lovely stay!


*take a quick cab to Breakfast Thieves for a really special brunch! *


*coconut water at my cousin’s house in Cheras *


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Melaka is one of the most beautiful states in Malaysia. It actually has a ton of Portuguese influence. Therefore, there is a lot of color! You can really tell when driving through it’s old sun soaked streets. Whenever I looked up, I saw beautifully painted yellow and pink windows and walls. It has that European touch mixed with Southeast Asia. Talk about amazing. Pastel blues and bright orange street corners. There is no other place in Malaysia like it! Everything is truly so vibrant and bright. From the bright pink dragon fruit boba tea to the beautifully adorned floral buggies. Even as a child, I was completely drawn to this place. I would beg my aunts and uncles in Kuala Lumpur to take me. It’s an overload on all of your senses…it’s every photographer’s dream destination. From the crazy markets to the narrow back roads. This time trip brought back all of those memories. We stopped by our favorite Hainanese restaurant for Melaka’s famous chicken and rice balls with my Auntie Margaret, before dodging crowds of people on Jonker Street. It was the holiday weekend of Deepavali, and it seemed like everyone decided to take the drive to Melaka for a day of eating and drinking. I mean, what else do you do in Malaysia? It is a country to indulge. To eat street food. To grab a freshly cut coconut on the side of the road. The food deserves a post of it’s own…it’s that amazing. For now, take a peek inside beautiful Melaka.


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The last time I climbed up the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I was just a kid. I’d climb the steep steps and hold out a banana, so the monkeys get just close enough before I burst into a squeal, dropping all of my things, and running away! I was pretty daring and rebellious as a kid, always causing a little trouble! But all in good fun. The Batu Caves have a whopping 272 steps. You know, no big deal. But it’s worth the climb, trust me. Whenever I’m back in Malaysia visiting family, I’m always asking them to take me here. The temple and caves are stunning. It’s unreal. I was wrapped up in this beautiful green and red sarong before hiking up the steps. I fell in love with it’s soft fabric, stripes, and bold dragon print. It was the Deepavali Indian festival and the place was packed. People were barefoot, carrying up heavy buckets of rocks to bring to the temple, a part of the tradition, and wearing bold beautiful glittering sarongs and dresses. What I love about the Indian culture is how colorful it is. Everything from the traditional outfits, to the food and spices. The steps a faded red and yellow, highlighted with the green from the trees growing high on the side of the mountains. There were monkeys running this way and that! The locals tell you to told to hold onto you bags…they’ll really come that close! But once I made it to the top, I took a really deep breath and soaked in all of it’s beauty. The caves are stunning. Tall with only pockets of light keeping the place lit along with rows of tiny candles. It started to pour the moment we made it to the top. It was refreshing to stick your hand out in the caves to feel the fresh water pouring through. Kids dancing in the puddles in their bright outfits. You do sort of feel like your on top of the world. We didn’t really mind getting stuck up there as we waited for the rain to stop. It was comforting knowing a big plate of curry banana leaf was just a moment away.


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My grandmother is from Hainan…it’s the smallest province in China, at the southernmost tip. It only made sense to make a trip to the beautiful Hainan temple here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What I love about my culture is how spiritual it is. How colorful it is. How unique it is. I fell in love with the bright reds, pinks, and blues of the Hainan temple. The rain started to pour as we ran into the temple and slipped off our shoes. My little cousins giggling, lighting candles, and making wishes. It was a beautiful, relaxing day of our trip. Quiet and peaceful amidst all the madness. Of course all I wanted to do was dance in the rain. There’s something so lovely about the heat and the tropical rain storms. It makes everything grow. A lot of Kuala Lumpur is green and lush. The heat always makes me feel super sleepy…making you go about your day in a bit of a slower pace. Though I felt so far from home, I still felt very connected…with myself, with my family, with everything. That’s the amazing thing traveling does…it opens your eyes and suddenly the world is really small. No matter your culture, where you’re from, what you do…we’re all so similar. And we all have a love for one very simple thing that brings us all together: FOOD. The spices in Kuala Lumpur make my mouth water. Every day was an overload on my taste buds. I want to try everything! My go-to? Hainanese chicken rice. Delicious. We had the best Hainense food in Melaka, but that requires a whole new post…it’s that good. But life is simple in Malaysia and that’s what I adore about it. A perfect afternoon is spent with a plate of spicy noodles and a Tiger Beer. Extra chili oil, please.


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