The last time I climbed up the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I was just a kid. I’d climb the steep steps and hold out a banana, so the monkeys get just close enough before I burst into a squeal, dropping all of my things, and running away! I was pretty daring and rebellious as a kid, always causing a little trouble! But all in good fun. The Batu Caves have a whopping 272 steps. You know, no big deal. But it’s worth the climb, trust me. Whenever I’m back in Malaysia visiting family, I’m always asking them to take me here. The temple and caves are stunning. It’s unreal. I was wrapped up in this beautiful green and red sarong before hiking up the steps. I fell in love with it’s soft fabric, stripes, and bold dragon print. It was the Deepavali Indian festival and the place was packed. People were barefoot, carrying up heavy buckets of rocks to bring to the temple, a part of the tradition, and wearing bold beautiful glittering sarongs and dresses. What I love about the Indian culture is how colorful it is. Everything from the traditional outfits, to the food and spices. The steps a faded red and yellow, highlighted with the green from the trees growing high on the side of the mountains. There were monkeys running this way and that! The locals tell you to told to hold onto you bags…they’ll really come that close! But once I made it to the top, I took a really deep breath and soaked in all of it’s beauty. The caves are stunning. Tall with only pockets of light keeping the place lit along with rows of tiny candles. It started to pour the moment we made it to the top. It was refreshing to stick your hand out in the caves to feel the fresh water pouring through. Kids dancing in the puddles in their bright outfits. You do sort of feel like your on top of the world. We didn’t really mind getting stuck up there as we waited for the rain to stop. It was comforting knowing a big plate of curry banana leaf was just a moment away.


// REVOLVE Tularosa top and Lovers + Friends bra, Siwy denim skirt, Miu Miu handbag, Bally shoes //


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