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I worked with Lulu & Georgia on a super cool guest room edit, just for you! This is a room in my loft that I’ve been really excited to renovate and freshen up. After a fresh coat of paint in a clean off-white, I went straight to the decor. I gave my guest room and bath crisp linen bedding, light oak wood cabinets, and chic brass lighting. These soft colors make this space feel much more clean and bright. Guest room just got homey. Shop my favorites below. 


// Eternity Modern Mario Bellini Camaleonda 009 sofa //

This statement sofa from Eternity Modern is a perfect addition to my home. I’ve been enjoying it all weekend long. I had mine made in aniline leather in the color Caramel. Talk about a dream sofa! This is a mid-century modern design that will never go out of style. I like that you can order more pieces to this sofa to extend it, or even separate them depending on the space. It’s like sitting on a cloud and trust me, I’ll be enjoying this baby many years to come. 


// Hudson Valley Lighting Tulip Gold Leaf chandelier, Hurley floor lamps, and Locust Grove turquoise lamps //

To have a chandelier in my NYC loft was a dream of mine. I used to walk the streets at night in Brooklyn Heights and would just stop and stare at the twinkles coming from chandeliers in beautiful townhomes. And maybe now, when someone walks by and looks up to my windows, they will get a glimmer of inspiration as well. Timeless. Elegant. It’s everything I love about home decor. I am so excited to have partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting to feature a few key pieces that really transformed my space. This is the definition of mood lighting. 

Meet the Tulip Gold Leaf chandelier. It’s a very different twist on a chandelier as the crystals face upwards rather than hang down. It’s uniqueness and complexity is what made me gravitate towards it. Plus, tulips remind me of spring and re-awakenings. This is a piece I will keep forever and take even to my next home! 

The Hurley floor lamps are simple and chic. I really love clean, white shades and a luxurious base. My living room is already feeling much brighter.

In my bedroom, I got a matching set of the Locust Grove turquoise lamps! In my bedroom, I love little pops of color, and this was a perfect addition. It feels modern yet playful. 

So how are you creating the mood in your home space? 



You will notice my home decor tastes differ from coast to coast. In my NYC loft, I crave a super clean palette. Everything structured, white, and modern. I like this really simple contrast against my chaotic NYC life. My bedroom is a place of zen! And I don’t like much to distract me when I’m sleeping. A blank slate before bed really helps me unwind. Here in both my NYC and LA homes, you’ll find some really special Rove Concepts pieces that will last me a lifetime. 

In NYC, I wanted something extra simple that went with crisp white sheets and lifted off the ground so I can really take in the my views of the river and Manhattan from the window. The Rove Concepts “Ayda” bed was the perfect fit. I went with it in a King size. I like hopping into a spacious bed that immediately makes me feel like I’m living the suite life in a hotel. I travel so much and sleep is just so important to me. My bed has to be extremely comfortable and roomy, with that fresh hotel feeling.  Complete with the Rove Concepts “Margot” nightstands, it’s a dream. These nightstands are a perfect pair with the Ayda bed. Large enough to hold all of my bedside necessities like my journals and face and body creams. It’s part of my nightly ritual to flick on the lights and just write from bed, complete with a chai tea. 


In Los Angeles, I like to play with the all the sunlight, giving this brand new space, a lived-in feel. Mixing vintage, second-hand finds like this grandiose lamp against the Rove Concepts “Asher” dresser. Finding this shape in a mid-century modern dresser is hard to come by! Luckily, Rove Concepts has a variety of tall, slim sizes that work well in closet/bedroom spaces. This piece is simple, so well made, and just a stunner. I love the sleek wood with Rove’s iconic brushed copper handles which you’ll find in both my NYC and LA home styles.