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Extra soft rompers and dresses are a total must these days. I can count on Anthropologie to really master these essentials. This is a lovely home story shot for Anthropologie featuring 3 amazing weekend essentials. What I love most is the infinite ways to style them. Throw on a baseball cap. Give it a knit around the waist or shoulder. Style it with a sneaker, or better yet, a pair of Birkenstocks. I never go without a delicate earring. I find myself lounging around the house finding new corners to take my conference calls and write in my to-do journal. These looks make doing stuff around the house feel like a total breeze. Now, more coffee please. 


Shot by Morgane Lay for Anthropologie

It really seems as if I have traveled around the world in a month. Phew! But boy was it fun. It was dancing on tables fun. So fun, I barely got sleep! Here I am behind the scenes on set with Anthropologie at the Aman in Venice, Italy. This was our last night together after days of shooting with the production team, and we had one large feast before parting ways the next day on our flights. I live for Venice’s grand interior design and a good plate of cacio e pepe. This was an end to a once-in-a-lifetime train ride on the Orient Express. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For now, I have to wait until New Year’s Eve to shimmy in another little party dress, and hopefully without knocking down a glass of red wine.


 I like to have shown that my denim has been loved throughout it’s life.

I am so excited to finally show you my “I Choose Blues” campaign shoot for Anthropologie. To be their denim girl this season is pretty amazing, as I find so much confidence when I slip into a perfect pair of hip-hugging jeans. I take my favorite denim pieces wherever I go. They’ve seen a lot of places in this world and with each place there’s a little remnant of each it’s place. You can see it in a fade, rip, or softness in a fabric. The amazing thing about denim is there’s nothing wrong with them getting old. I don’t call them old, I call them loved. I like how soft my jeans get after numerous washes. The way the knees start to fade, and the way the pockets start to fray. I like getting them dirty, adding paint splatters on them, and even chopping hems when I’m feeling experimental. Each piece of wear, part of my story. I will always remember summers in California, cutting vintage jeans into denim shorts, or adding patches and pins to my jean jacket. My denim style is certainly now a lot more refined. Flares, high-rise skinnies, and billowing denim blouses. It’s all about the fit and feel. It’s a mix of tomboy vintage and feminine necessities. 100% comfortable. 100% me.

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