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// Miu Miu sunglasses, Perfect Moment jacket and ski suit, UGG boots, Acne Studios beanie // 

Take an inside look inside my Veuve Clicquot #ClicqoutintheSnow campaign! We shot this in dreamy Aspen, Colorado. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite locations to shoot at. I live for the blues skies, the powder white snow, and of course, a good glass of Veuve Clicquot. This is me, après-ski. The town is extra festive this time of year, and I’m soaking in every bit of it’s cheerful energy. I’ll be back next week and I can hardly wait. Recharging with the fresh mountain air is what winter in Aspen is all about. 


// shot for Virgin Holidays// Jacket: Khrisjoy. Turtleneck: COS. Pant: Veronica Beard.

I am so excited to be featured on Virgin Holidays. I travel so much that it only made sense to bring you into my world and inside one of my favorite spots in my home of NYC, and that is Eataly. Eataly NYC Flatiron reminds me of every part of Italy that I adore. I have road tripped through Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, Rome, and Naples under the boiling hot summer sun. I’ve spent winters on work trips in Florence, fashion weeks in Milano, and red carpets at Venice Film Festival. There’s still so many aspects of Italy to discover, and I can do that much of that right here in NYC at Eataly NYC Flatiron. Italians really understand the art of living, loving, and indulging. What really makes Italy a special place for me is the love for food. When I think of an Italian dinner party, I think of rustic long wood tables covered in greenery, fresh fruits, and a ton of wine. To me, there certainly is no greater love than the love for food.

I walk you through 3 of my favorite spots inside Eataly NYC Flatiron that always keep me coming back for more:

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I am so excited to officially give you an inside scoop inside the gorgeous Palais Away x Grey Goose villa at Cannes Film Festival. This charming estate just oozed classic French sophistication with it’s gorgeous pale blue shutters and green vines, sitting perfectly on the side of a hill. From the pool, you can see more stunning villas below alongside the town, with nothing but the ocean ahead. I would say it’s the dream vacation home.

I have always wanted to spend some time in the south of France during the film festival and thanks to the dream teams at Away and Grey Goose, all was made possible….complete with a full and detailed itinerary in Cannes, the adorable town Antibes, and a quick boat ride to the Isle de Marguerite. Each adventure was always followed by a a delicious menu (and new cocktail recipe) to look forward to. My tastebuds certainly went wild this trip with refreshing lemon and lavender accents in my signature Grey Goose cocktails.

With the daily celebrations, I made sure to pack my beautiful Away luggage (I now have a travel set in “sand”), with loads of silk dresses, feminine mules, and pops of metallic. I slipped in a few gowns as well…a girl has to be prepared. Cannes becomes a red carpet with embellished ballgowns and black ties sashaying through every street and restaurant. It’s only fitting to whip our your best heels and your flash camera because you never know who might run into or where you will end up. It all felt too much like a movie to be real. I fully indulged in my surroundings by simply savoring the town’s very fresh ingredients to spending those extra moments sunbathing by the pool house. How do the tomatoes, cheese, bread, and butter (the list goes on!) taste so much better in France than they do here at home?

I got to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a handful of like-minded individuals with a passion for insane travel, refreshing spirits, and of course, a dash luxury. Take a peek inside our stunning abode.

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I created “The Day Off” margarita with Don Julio 70, completely inspired by the staycation. It’s light and refreshing thanks to coconut water and fresh cucumber with an added punch: chia seeds and pineapple. It is just what you’re going to want to sip on poolside. This entire month I’ve been traveling from grey city to grey city. I’m missing the sun from my native Los Angeles and just booked my travel to Nicaragua for a full week of 95 degree weather and a bikini. Surf and sun awaits!


1.5 oz of Don Julio 70
2 oz of  cucumber, pineapple, and lemon juice (I used a smoothie blender including pulp!)
2 oz of coconut water
1/2 a lime squeeze
2 sprinkles of chia seeds

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