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Blazer: Veronica Beard. Skirt: Intermix. Bodysuit: Intimissimi. Shoes: Malone Soulier.

My hair and makeup artist in Verona, Italy went for a very Brigitte Bardot look on me this evening and it is by far one of my favorite looks. Extra teased and voluminous roots with loose curls complete with a smoldering dark eye. I love a black winged liner with a super soft brown shadow. It’s certainly not my typical hair and makeup but it worked perfect for my red carpet event here in Verona. I like to go bold for the red carpet. It’s my time to play a new character and experiment with new and unexpected looks. This modern-day Brigitte Bardot hair and makeup feels extra glamorous when paired with a sparkling blazer and swaying skirt. When in Italia, I always go big and bold. Tonight is New Year’s Eve and though many of us are hitting the dance floor (and this look would be perfect for it), I think I might skip the hair and makeup all together, and ring in 2019 from home with family, rejuvenated and fresh faced.

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Makeup: Armani Beauty

The most amazing thing about Venice Film Festival and working with the Armani Beauty team is that I got to share this incredible week with my Mom. It’s rare we get to travel on work trips together, and this one felt super special. And in gorgeous and star-studded Venice, Italy…what more can a girl ask for? She loved all the glitz, glamour, the food, and most especially the makeup. You’ll see her below getting a little lip touch-up with the team. She made me laugh the entire time. I’m always so happy when I can get my family involved with what I do. It makes everything 100x more fun and memorable! Here we are in the Armani Beauty Stars press room. Think life-size makeup compacts and Rouge d’ Armani lipsticks in this gorgeous Venetian chateau. You’ll see a ton of red here because it’s the iconic Armani Beauty color. Firey, chic, and sophistcated. Red also happens to be one of my go-to colors, especially on my lips. For the Venice Film Festival, I alternated between a classic red lip in 400, a nude pink lip in Androgino, and a brown in Diva. Venice during the film festival is just absolutely magical. You never know who you will run into. Though we had a whirlwind week of shoots, press days, and the red carpet premiere of “A Star is Born” there was plenty of time in between to sit back on the boats and float slowly through the canals. We sipped on numerous Aperol spritzes like the locals. Now that is a dream.

Black dress: Emporio Armani. Burgundy bag: Mulberry England. Sandals: Isa Tapia. Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross.

Pink dress: Veronica Beard. Bag: YSL. Sandals: Isa Tapia. Sunglasses: Jacques Marie Mage.

White pants: Manila Grace

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Everything: Carolina Herrera

In Dubai, it’s all about glamour. This is a city that loves and lives for luxury. I felt completely at home because there was so much NYC in Dubai. Being a city full of expats from all over the world, you really get a taste for so many diverse cultures. But I wanted a real taste of the city’s Middle Eastern culture. We visited the desert of Dubai simply on a safari complete with scarves around our heads to protect us from the sun and wind while we clutched onto the bumpy ride for this thrilling adventure. Dylana and  I were in town shooting with Carolina Herrera, so of course I styled up some amazing CH pieces like stunning silk scarves tied as a top, a gorgeous maxi skirt, along with the beautiful Insignia bag. There is something so iconic about the desert here in Dubai. The sand and hills go on as far as the eye can see. I love the color pops here contrasted against the soft, sandy hills. It was a super hot, but beautiful afternoon. We sipped on traditional tea with the locals before zooming through the desert in our bright red jeep scouting out shooting locations. I love being able to move and play with iconic poses out here in the open land. It was freeing. Before we got a bit too sunburn, the team and I headed to Al Maha, a resort and spa in the middle of the desert for a little R&R. We had a delicious brunch out on the porch, while gazelles walked freely by us. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A very peaceful, serene moment that can never be recreated again. I just soaked it all up pinching myself at how lucky I was to be right there in that moment.

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Coat: Woolmark x 3.1 Phillip Lim. Turtleneck: Woolmark x 3.1 Phillip Lim. Tights: Emilio Cavallini. Earrings: Sabrina SL. Boots: Swedish Hasbeen. Bag: Mulberry.

I love everything about merino wool. With Woolmark focusing on such a sustainably conscious, renewable fibre, I find it comforting knowing that my most lived in pieces are also great for the planet. This traditionally utilitarian fabric just got updated and modernized with the new Woolmark x 3.1 Phillip Lim collaboration featuring this incredible oversize puffer coat and cropped turtleneck sweater. I fell in love with the collection’s use of plaid and textures. It will always remind me of my winter travels. Cozy rainy days in Montreal. Long weekends in a cabin in upstate New York. Escaping to the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. This dreamy coat is something I throw over everything. It being reversible is also a major plus in my book! The Merino Series features the most innovative fabrics and yarns, creating a super chic collection that also keeps me extra warm. This may just be the perfect winter color palette. A mix of nudes, hunter greens, and grays. Take a peek through the series. It will immediately make you want to pack it all up and take a weekend breather somewhere out in the woods. I live for that warm and nostalgic feeling I get every single Christmas.

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