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It was a perfect morning at Shelter Island’s The Chequit Hotel. This place was built in the 1800’s just steps from the coast. It feels charming and feels so remote, unlike most of the hotels I stay in when I travel for work. There are no TV’s in the room…gasp…you can’t hear a sound, maybe just the creak as you walk across the hallway. As a city girl, it certainly took me a few moments to get into this slow paced swing-of-things. I don’t think I’ve had a better night’s rest in a long time! Shelter Island is a place to grab a few good books and really relax. A place to unplug. I spent my mornings on this gorgeous sun porch overlooking the waterfront. I’d have my cup of coffee before making way for the little town down the road, where all you can find is a pizza joint and cafe. It’s a whole other side of Shelter Island I’ve come to love, just a 10 minute cab ride away from the parties and night life. For super quick weekend trips to the Hamptons, I kept my makeup super minimal. Sure, I love a clean face and bold brow, but I’m playing with a lot more color on my lids. I recently fell in love with a deep purple shadow, an unexpected pop for the end of summer.

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This is the ultimate summer playsuit. Made for hula hooping on the grass, playing in the gardens, and camping under the hot, southern sun. We’re talking overalls with one strap down…can you get any more 90’s than that? Bucket hats. Striped bikinis. Palazzo pants. So much about the 90’s is distinct, with everything from it’s style to it’s music. Opening Ceremony has brought back summer in the 90’s unlike anyone else, and with the very classic and colorful energy of Esprit. A look to jam in to everything from the Backstreet Boys to Britney.

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*paid for by Sunglass Hut and Refinery 29*

I was just in Miami with Sunglass Hut, on a mission to find the absolute most luxurious pair of shades for me to finish off the summer in. It was Miami Swim Week so I wanted something to make a statement in, that I could keep forever. I spent hours in the Lincoln Road store… one of their more gorgeous locations. As a woman who likes to get dressed based off my accessories, visiting Sunglass Hut is a totally like being a kid in a candy store. When I’m shopping, I start with a shape. What am I craving and what is new to me? Cat-eye! Round! Square! Then, I move on to size: Do I want something oversize? Something more face framing? After playing around with classic Ray-Bans to super chic 1970’s aviators to oversize round sunglasses that resembled a disco ball, I ended up with a piece that is super sleek. This pair by Prada is an absolute dream. The super dark lens makes you feel incognito, and a black frame is just an absolute no-brainer. It’s high fashion that’s still wearable. The team at Sunglass Hut helped me find the perfect fit.

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Let’s talk about taking a timeless modern statement piece, like this pair of Viden trousers from Totokaelo. I haven’t come across one that has won me over as much as this pair. Usually trousers can be ill fitting, not the right crop, the rise a bit off, or just a bit too classic that they borderline boring, or even worse . . . too office work wear. This one is the opposite . . . ┬ásuper slouchy fit, high waisted yet still boyish, and longer than the typical crop, so I feel like I can work them with a girly heel to dress them up. Totokaelo, a NYC based store, is all about art meets fashion . . . embracing the untypical objects, and bring out an editorial edge to the everyday. They sell everything from Margiela, to Comme des Garcons, to Vetements, to Marni, all brands that I have applauded for their twist on timeless pieces. And there is always a new brand for me to explore when I check out the site. It’s like opening a portal to a whole new wave of fashion that you don’t typically see on the regular. But that is what makes the shop so special, everything feels unique, and one-of-a-kind. If you want something that helps you stand out from the pack, but at the same time add pieces you know you will rewear and reinterpret over and over again with time, you can find at Totokaelo.

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