This is the ultimate summer playsuit. Made for hula hooping on the grass, playing in the gardens, and camping under the hot, southern sun. We’re talking overalls with one strap down…can you get any more 90’s than that? Bucket hats. Striped bikinis. Palazzo pants. So much about the 90’s is distinct, with everything from it’s style to it’s music. Opening Ceremony has brought back summer in the 90’s unlike anyone else, and with the very classic and colorful energy of Esprit. A look to jam in to everything from the Backstreet Boys to Britney.

Here I am on my own personal playground of Bonnaroo. I’m pretty new to camping, and I normally resort to “glamping.” Electricity and private bathrooms are necessary for me when I travel. So like every year, I “glamp” at Bonnaroo music festival. There’s something so free about waking up to the hot sun, having breakfast at a table of people you just met, and enjoying the air of being so far away from home. The 90’s to me were all about things that were a little off yet extra funky.  Bonnaroo celebrates what is out-of-the-ordinary, making getting dressed for the occasion extra liberating and fun. Pants a little too wide. Hats a little too small. Where hippie meets hip-hop. This is a high fashion take to what I would wear as a child to summer camp. What was your favorite part of the 90’s?

Ulla Johnson overalls

Opening Ceremony x Esprit bikini + bucket hat

Teva shoes


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