When I think of Independence Day, I don’t just think of barbecues and fireworks and the Hamptons. It’s really about sitting back and thinking how absolutely amazing the good ol’ USA really is. Appreciating our mountains, our oceans, our cultures, our food. I’m traveling all of the time, and nothing feels better than home. Though I will be traveling in Italy today, I still have the smell of smoke from the bbq’s back home in LA and sounds of champagne bottles popping on my NYC rooftop replaying in my mind. Every year I wear denim. My red, white, and blue. That star spangled banner ringing in my ears. And the best pair of Reef sandals made for being on the beach, at the park, or like this year: somewhere off the map. The REEF ROVER HI SANDALS go with everything I own.

// REEF ROVER HI SANDALS (coming soon!)//



24 Responses to TO INDEPENDENCE | REEF

  1. rose says:

    remember you as a Volcom girl years ago and now you the amazing REEF girl , you are so fabulous to be in this big campaign, love the skirt and shirt and of course their sandals, gonna get one !!

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Natalie,

    Way to bring that American spirit with you to Italy. The look screams free spirit with bovious touches of rocker-chic. Perfect for representing the true spirit of the 4th. I personally love that your background is the bright yellow school busses.

    Travel Safe!


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