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Hello California

(Bikini and Cover-up c/o Tigerlily, Pour la Victoire sandals, Milor Italy ring, LowLuv ring, Vanessa Mooney bracelet)

So I’m back in California and loving every minute of it! And check out my TAN. ohemgee right? Well, it’s totally fake. For the second time in my life, I got a spray tan, but only because I had a summer photoshoot and needed to get rid of my vampyness. I was terrified to be honest. All I could think was “OMG I’M GONNA LOOK LIKE SNOOKI AND CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR A WEEK” Anyways, it was a lot more pleasant than I thought. I went in, was given a disposable thong…imagine, a DISPOSABLE THONG…I nearly laughed out loud when I saw it, but the spray tan was soon over with, and yes, I got to take the darn thing home. WIN. Just kidding. Anyways, I’m kind of liking this look! It actually looks really good on the beach and in my bikini! I’ve suddenly got some definition in my legs! Anyways, I spent my afternoon at Newport Beach. I was in the area, working on a very special project that (which I’ll tell you about very soon!) The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I definitely missed the cool, breezy air of the California coast while I was in NYC. A bikini and beach coverup can easily become my daily outfit here! I’m obsessed with the laid back beach culture and so this afternoon was perfect. Only weird part of the day? Getting approached by these young boys who traveled here from Oregon for the first time. They wanted to take a photo with me…which was TOTALLY AWKWARD, but they turned out to be pretty cool dudes just overly excited to be in Cali and see a girl with a pretty rad spray tan 🙂

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Through the West Village

(Hallelu blouse, Hudson Jeans, Velvetine bag, Dolce Vita boots from Helianthus)

So yeah, I do sometimes walk around the city in crazy monster shoes (stil have my flats on hand though). I got these bad boys at a cute little boutique in New York called Helianthus. I met the owner and she’s probably the sweetest person ever. It’s one adorable little shop on Spring Street I always make sure to pop into whenever I’m in Soho. They’ve pretty much got everything I need this time of year. Amazing jeans, blouses, and shorts…all of which have been life recently. With the intense heat and humidity, I’ve been keeping my wardrobe purely simple. I’ve been playing around with colored denim and prints to keep myself and wardrobe slightly entertaining. I pretty much want it to be fashion week and then, of course fall, where I can layer and have a bit more fun! Summer is UGH, kind of a bore to me right now. I think it’s time for a change in season HELLO! Already have so many new pieces to bring back to NYC that I’m dying to show you! Right now, I’m trying to just take it easy here in LA in between work by catching up with friends and taking advantage of the beautiful beach weather you only get here in California. I just know that when I fly back to NYC after Labor Day, things are going to get pretty crazy! Still scared to look at my calendar for September. Anways, Cali posts to come my friends!!

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Avoiding Puddles

(White + Warren jacket, Blue Bird blouse, Hallelu shorts, Bloch flats, Vanessa Mooney jewelry, Moni Moni bag)

Here I am with my new NYC accessory, a gigantic black umbrella. Sometimes the little compact ones just don’t do the trick! Once again, we had some major rain, and UGHH, the hurricane is going to really hit my east coasters and I couldn’t feel more scared! I just want the storm to pass already! I am currently writing from the my home in California. I flew back this morning for work this week. I had an 8:30am flight. Looking at JFK’s schedule, it was probably the only hour NOT cancelled due to Irene. If I didn’t book this early flight I would have most likely been stuck in NYC until Tuesday! So yes, I’ve been really lucky!! Already missing all the east coast love though! Here I am, snapped in the lower east side by my good friend Claire, on the way to our favorite Malaysian food restaurant NYONYA. We’re hooked. You’ve got to try the Roti Canai and warm purple pudding! INSANE. Anyways, for this evening out and about, avoiding large puddles in my ballet flats, I just threw on my favorite cargo jacket over an all cream ensemble. A little sheer, a little lace, and my signature…a hot red lip.

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A Crazy Week of Fun and Food

At the Anthropologie event in head to toe Anthropologie, playing around with their Fall ’11 pieces!! I’m obsessed with these high waisted cords!! What do you think? I’m so excited for FALL! Btw, thanks to everyone who voted this look as winner! It will be featured on soon!

Day or night, I’m always up for Saigon Shack on Macdougal in Greenwich!

I love Claire Geist! Love how she’s totally checking out my Emily Cho bag 😉

At the Doc Marten’s “First and Forever” event in Soho! I’m obsessed with all the kicks!

oh hey Kim!

Ippolita event sporting a gorgeous Ippolita choker necklace!

Always a good one to end a night at 2 Bros. A buck fifty. Doesn’t get better than that!

So I had another one of those weeks, EVENTS EVENTS EVENTS and realllyyy good FOOD FOOD FOOD. I have no idea why but the other week there were so many fun events going on! Best part of all? All of my good friends with blogs were also invited. We kicked off our week at the Anthropologie showroom, playing stylist with all the new fall ’11 pieces, all while getting a complete sugar high. Cake pops, CHOCOLATE, ohhh my. Then I spotted those high-waisted brown cords and nearly dropped. They were perfect. Right now, I’m obsessed with the flare high waist. Super 70’s, Jane Birkin, and all around amazing. Got a bit of sleep before our early morning brunch with Doc Marten’s. To launch their “First and Forever” campaign, guests went around and told their “firsts” stories! I wish I got a chance to go speak, but time was running out, and I was going to tell a pee story…yeah, I’m pretty glad I didn’t get a chance to share! I did pick out a pair of awesome boots that I can’t wait for to arrive. I’ve always been a huge fan of those Doc’s soles. I feel like I’m walking on air in those! Super comfy. Ended the week at a last minute showing of Ippolita jewelry. It was stunning! How gorgeous is that silver choker? I need more pretty jewelry in my life! Oh, and yes, I’ve been eating the best food. Anything from $1 pizza to Vietnamese chow always hits the spot!