Avoiding Puddles

(White + Warren jacket, Blue Bird blouse, Hallelu shorts, Bloch flats, Vanessa Mooney jewelry, Moni Moni bag)

Here I am with my new NYC accessory, a gigantic black umbrella. Sometimes the little compact ones just don’t do the trick! Once again, we had some major rain, and UGHH, the hurricane is going to really hit my east coasters and I couldn’t feel more scared! I just want the storm to pass already! I am currently writing from the my home in California. I flew back this morning for work this week. I had an 8:30am flight. Looking at JFK’s schedule, it was probably the only hour NOT cancelled due to Irene. If I didn’t book this early flight I would have most likely been stuck in NYC until Tuesday! So yes, I’ve been really lucky!! Already missing all the east coast love though! Here I am, snapped in the lower east side by my good friend Claire, on the way to our favorite Malaysian food restaurant NYONYA. We’re hooked. You’ve got to try the Roti Canai and warm purple pudding! INSANE. Anyways, for this evening out and about, avoiding large puddles in my ballet flats, I just threw on my favorite cargo jacket over an all cream ensemble. A little sheer, a little lace, and my signature…a hot red lip.

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194 Responses to Avoiding Puddles

  1. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says:

    LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! Love the color palette of the outfit. 🙂
    I loove your shorts, so cute! Love your top, and the jacket is so nice! ♥
    Wow @ warm purple pudding, hmm, I’m going to ask my Malaysian friend bout that. 😀

    Love the pics, you look great. 🙂


  2. Lin Wan says:

    Love your outfit and I love how you can actually pull off the whole look with the umbrella! And I love the lace shorts because it add on the sweetness on your whole outfit 🙂 Oh I’m glad that you love Malaysian foods :D! Yeah Roti Canai is the one of the best foods in Malaysia and usually M’sians had it with a glass of Teh Tarik(hot Malaysia tea and ‘tarik’ means pull in Malay :)) during night at the mamak stall where the people usually chat after work and watch football match. I am a fellow Malaysian too so I know all this:D!

  3. Naina says:

    Love the contrast of the girly lace shorts with the tough-looking jacket.
    You were so lucky with your flight; I’m flying into NY tomorrow, hoping the weather decides to ease up!


  4. Cristiana Nunes says:

    I love this bag of yours, it has such a great colour. Another cozy and fashionable outfit. Beautiful shorts. And I’ve been thinking that i should buy a pair of flats, just like yours, they must be comfy!

  5. Kiki's Book of Dreams says:

    Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog! I super love your blog and the outfit is great, in love this those shorts!
    Would you like to follow each-other? Follow me, let me know by comment and I’ll follow you right away!
    Soon opening a new blog, cooking blog! Hope to be part of it!
    Anyway it would be a pleasure. Let me know!
    Hope you’ll have a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  6. Meanz (Koi Story) says:

    I love those lace shorts and this outfit in general! The jacket is adorable and we were experiencing a lot of rain here too yesterday and I’m in the Midwest! Instead of ignoring puddles, I love splashing around sometimes… haha


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