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The brand new Equinox Dumbo location has that beautiful industrial feel that Dumbo is famous for and I’m so happy it’s joined the neighborhood! Clean and minimal with big open windows makes it the perfect place for me to clear my head and be in tune with my mind, body, and soul. First thing I do is turn off my phone and completely disconnect so that I have that one hour purely for myself. The amazing thing is the gym has everything you need when you’re craving that little energy boost. I’m assuming you guys haven’t gotten off your fitness kick from the New Year just yet? This year for me so far has been one finding out the workouts that I really love and finding my strength and balance. I travel so much for work that I have to schedule my workouts, plan classes, and everything else in-between. Equinox’s all access membership allows me to still travel the world for work, and still feel like I’m right at home getting in that daily sweat or stretch. I never focus exercise purely on body image because it’s an unhealthy way of motivation. I focus on the way exercising makes me feel. Pilates, dance, yoga! It’s more about feeling happy, focused, and energized in your own skin and that’s something I love Equinox represents. Pilates is my #1 and has worked wonders on my core, but I love to mix it up. Sometimes I’ll spend the morning solely in the stretch room…using resistance bands and zoning out in plank position. Other times you’ll find me at Equinox’s yoga class on a Saturday morning. Or maybe I just need those extra 10 minutes in the steam room. If nobody’s in the yoga room, it immediately turns into my own private dance studio. All I can say is that getting out a good sweat is the perfect beginning or end to my day. Equinox has helped keep my energy high, my head clear and focused, and my skin glowing. It’s insane how much a good workout routine has improved all areas of my life. I’ve never felt stronger and more in love with my body now just the way it is.

Tips for a quick workout: 

Yoga stretch (I like to start out in some simple yoga stretches…really lengthening your legs, arms, and neck)

15 minutes jumprope gives you a little sweat and energy.

15 minutes abs floor workout for your core.

15 minutes squats or lunges across the floor (with resistance bands and ball)

5 minutes burpies 

10 minute cool down on elliptical.

Stretch + steam.


// KORAL Activewear tank, bra, and pant, NIKE shoes //




Lucy activewear is taking a whole new route this season, and just came out with a collection of denim-inspired workout wear called the indiGO collection. As a long lived denim lover, this is exciting. But it also strikes up a fashion challenge. Can denim and athleisure really work on the street? Well, I took the challenge and did exactly that, styling up two of my favorite Lucy pants. They are my new favorite pieces for running errands around my neighborhood, but I also love rocking them at the gym or in my yoga class. I love how multi-dimensional they are, because I can wear them literally anywhere. Drinks after my workout? I don’t need to change! Shopping before pilates? I’m all ready to make the dash to class in a hot second. Here are two ways to style these pieces. One more streamlined and casual. The other more edgy and street cool. Which look do you love more? I’m having so fun with my Lucy pieces. See ya later, running to my barre class in them!


// Featuring Lucy Activewear indiGO flare pant and jogger pant //



Saucony goes way back with me. They were the dance team’s sneakers back in school. I wore them everywhere. Saucony immediately brings back images from dance competitions to recitals to 7 a.m. practices. Though dance has always been one of my main way to release some energy, I’ve found that running in between everything else that I do like pilates, barre, and kickboxing helps to mix things up. You never really want to get bored when working out. And your workout gear should be a lot less boring too. If you see the girl in the full on plaid sports bra and yoga pant down by the Brooklyn Bridge with her headphones in? Yes, that’s me. Hiding under a grey hoodie at the Dumbo park for a picnic with friends…yep, me. Bright pink sneakers you can spot from a mile away on the subway? Yep, me. Can we talk about how awesome they feel? It’s like you have wings and can fly, I am not even kidding. Saucony’s new collection, Life on the Run, is about exactly that. From going from workout to hangout. Being able to immediately throw on that hoodie and head to brunch. To go from pilates class straight to my next photoshoot in the city. That’s exactly what your workout gear should be: classic and transitional. Because every single day we’re transitioning between so many different things. From barre to lunch meetings to meeting up with friends. Days in my yoga pants are honestly the best…and they’re flattering.

Life on the Run is about jogging first thing after landing home from the airport. Immediately getting in tune with your body with every workout. Sweating out whatever my body took in the night before. Life on the Run is about getting excited and pumped for the day. Thinking up new ideas for whatever you’re working on. With every run I begin to appreciate New York City more and more. So keep on going babes. Don’t stop. Be comfortable and confident in what you wear. And keep doing whatever motivates you to get up every single morning and kick butt.


// Featuring Saucony “Life on the Run” collection //



Dylana and I worked on the latest SATVA Living photoshoot again this season and we love shooting anything that has to do with the outdoors and being active. SATVA Living is a super special brand right now in activewear. They have partnered with Suminter India Organics®, an environmental and socially conscious organic cotton production corporation in India that makes it a mission to create a symbiotic balance between people, planet, production, profits and social stewardship. In an industry that easily finds itself using harmful processes of production, SATVA wants to encourage more and more people to keep production environmentally friendly, while still being on top of their game in terms of design. Now how cute are the booty shorts and criss-crossed backs?! It is awesome that now more than ever, the multi-dimensional woman is celebrated. The ability to do whatever we want, when we want, and literally kick ass. Empowering women to be rockstars. Strong but still chic. A day spent in yoga pants are honestly my favorite.

Shop the full SATVA LIVING campaign here.

styled by me, photographed by Dylana.