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// Bala floor series in blush, Port de Bras jumpsuit //

My daily pilates workouts are so much cuter with the Bala Floor Series in blush. The play mat has extra support and grip. The hourglass roller is what I use on my back to unwind each night. The balance blocks are so versatile that I can find a million ways to plank to work my arms, core, and legs. The floor series allows me to move better and love my body even more. 


// Bala power ring, Live the Process headband, NYLORA bra and jumpsuit //

I do pilates everyday and I now incorporate Bala weights into my routines for that little extra strength. I just got my hands on the power ring and I can’t get enough of it! 10 pounds, easy to grip, and allows me to move freely and get creative in my moves thanks to it’s versatility. Oh, and it’s pretty chic right? Great for pressing, squatting, and swinging. I’m eyeing it in pink. Who knew weights could be so cute?