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The most amazing thing about having a sister is that you have a life partner in crime, a best friend, and the ability to create endless adventures and stories together. I realized to never take that for granted. One of my favorite quotes is: “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world.” It’s so true. We never feel alone even if we’re on opposite sides of the continent. You feel you always have someone to read your thoughts with just a glance at each other. Amidst the chaos, we can drift off into our own little dream world and live by our own rules. Dance together. Go wild together. Goof off together. Run away together.

See inside our Urban Decay “UD Getaway” film starring both Dylana and I, directed by the amazing Asher Moss. Urban Decay is all about  beauty with an edge and there was nobody we would rather collaborate with to tell the tale of two girls on the run, with no set plan, just a pair of stolen car keys and the wind in our faces. Urban Decay Cosmetics is badass in every single way possible, and what I love is how the brand experiments with color. Like my personality, I like things crazy, a little on the edge, and full of life. Dylana and I are beauty fanatics. We love bold red lipsticks and pretty pouts next to shimmering sexy eye shadows. My latest red lip is the Matte Revolution lipstick in Temper.

Against clean, flawless skin (I am currently using the Urban Decay NAKED Skin BB Cream), I like to accentuate either my eyes or lips…or BOTH when we’re headed out to the local bar for a night of dancing with our girl tribe. Right now, I’m all about a good cat eye, but for summer, it’s about making that wing extra bold. We’re talking bright teal. Or a really thick gold wing.

Finish it off with bronzer, and my new favorite thing out there by Urban Decay, the Afterglow illuminator. For day, and I’m feeling extra cheeky, I’ll go with a lip gloss. I’ve come to realize that lip gloss will never go out of style. Talk about glowing from the inside out.

Now we totally just jacked our guy’s keys and hit the road. Taking the road less traveled. From the desert of California down to the coast. Just a map, a suitcase full of makeup, and a bunch of cash. No care in the world. What’s next?! Just be a girl boss and go where the wind takes you. Nobody can stop you now.

Watch our Urban Decay “UD Getaway” film and shop my favorites below. Such a dream team shooting this campaign!

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// Urban Decay Cosmetics UD GETAWAY film //

Starring: Dylana and I

Directed by: Asher Moss

Follow along on my YOUTUBE.



As of late, I have been super experimental with my makeup. I’m a one-palette type of girl. Urban Decay just released the incredible NAKED Smoky palette. It’s like a makeup magician’s must-have. With it, I can create as many looks as I want! From subtly bronze on a hot summer day, to full-blown dark and vampy for a night out on the town. The SMOKY palette goes from light to dark, with nearly every shade of brown, along with black, and rich purples and grey. I am beyond obsessed. With everything I need in one the palm of my hand, it’s quickly become my travel companion. So here goes! I went 7 days with 7 completely different looks. Each a different part of my wild personality.



This look is all about warmth. I feel healthier when I have that nice, summer glow. I sport this look when I’m at festivals, or at a weekend in Montauk. The light just hits this look the right way! Talk about summer goddess.


I recreated this edgy look by brushing Dirtysweet in the inner corner of my upper and lower lash line. Used Radar on my lid. Whiskey in my crease and along my bottom lash line. And High and Combust under my brow.



I’m officially getting a hang of this new palette. I wanted to try something super editorial. Something that POPS. This look is so mod and 60’s. I love it with my heavy fringe and a side braid.


I used Thirteen on my entire lid. Black Market on the outer corner and into the crease to create a very defined cut create. And Perversion liquid liner along the top lashes. VA-VA-VOOM.



This is a subtle smoky look that is easy to create, and super sexy. It’s the look I create when I really want to make my eyes look brighter. It’s such a good date night look.


I used High on my lid. Radar in my crease. And Whiskey to deepen the outer corner of my eye, blended into my crease. I finished it off with Radar all along my bottom lash line.




Sometimes I just want to go all out. I love a vampy, seductive look. Dark, charcoal lids. It’s great for a party, and when I wear all black. Rock n’ roll baby!


I used Slanted on the entire lid, Armor in the corner of the eye, and Dagger in crease (smudging it along my bottom lash line). Then, I used Thirteen under my brow. These colors blend easily together, so don’t worry about being too perfect.



One of my surfer friends from LA always lined her bottom lids, even at the beach. It looked so exotic, and gorgeous, especially with a bare face, and stained lip.


I used Combust all over my lid..pressed to create very opaque coverage. Thirteen under my brow. And Dagger smudged heavily under my bottom lashes to create a smoky liner! I extended it to create a winged liner look.Sultry, and out of this world! I love the tribal, exotic vibe it gives to my eyes.



I live for Brooklyn concerts, and 90’s grunge was a huge part of my upbringing. With that comes darkly shadowed lids made for a misfit, complete with a bubblegum lipstick.

HOW TO: I used Black Market pressed over lid and into crease. Dagger to blend out Black Market in my crease. High and Combust under my brow, complete with a pop of pink liner and lipstick in Obsessed!



Purple may be one of the most flattering shades. This look is romantic, but still dark and sexy. Made for a garden party or masquerade.

HOW TO: I used Psychadelic Sister along the top lash line. Smolder pressed into my entire lid and into my crease. Password to soften the crease, and Thirteen under my brow. Complete with Smolder smudged along my bottom lash line.

VOILA. 7 completely unique, wearable looks. Phew, that was fun!

Check out Naked Smoky on UrbanDecay.com and be the first to get the palette when it launches July 8th!! photographed by Dylana Suarez



With the brutal winter, I’ve opted for NAKED looking skin. A little bit of bronzer, and lots of neutral shimmer on my lids. That, and nothing else. Possibly just a swipe of your favorite matte lipstick and call it a day. Effortless. The cold breeze will give you those rosy cheeks on its own. Bronzes, browns, and deep purples have never NOT worked for anyone. It’s time to keep things simple.

-Urban Decay Naked Skin beauty balm

-LORAC eyeshadow palette

-Tom Ford lipstick in Blush Nude