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The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki 

// Stella McCartney tank. Entireworld white shirt. Moeva London black one-piece. Moeva London white bikini. // 

I have been traveling with The Ritz-Carlton for a while now for work and it is always a dream. This was my first time staying at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki for a short holiday and I was blown away. Our space definitely felt like home. A chef’s kitchen. An extra large balcony with ocean views. Baths that make you never want to leave the tub. Beds that make getting rest exciting. This is a place where I would go to bed early, and wake up before sunrise. I just wanted to savor every single, delicious moment. I miss doing yoga on our balcony and being cuddled up with family in the cabana after a long session in the hot tub. Unplugged, connected to the earth, and more present. That’s what Hawaii really represents to me. It’s a place with true love for our beautiful planet. It happened to be Mama and Papa’s 35th wedding anniversary so it was the perfect time to celebrate, Hawaiian style. Getaways are meant to be meaningful and The Ritz-Carlton always makes it extra special. The pandemic has made me appreciate travel and exploration more than ever. That feeling of exhaling the moment you land in a new place. I will never take jet lag and restlessness on the plane for granted again. 


Vroom Vroom! What better way to celebrate The Ritz-Carlton coming to Mexico City in 2020 than at this year’s Formula 1 race? The Ritz-Carlton has partnered with Mercedes AMG Petronas to give us exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the race! Traveling the world with The Ritz-Carlton has been a dream, and it feels extra special to go somewhere so close to my heart. My grandfather was born and raised in Mexico City, and all my life, I wanted to discover this very large city that is a huge part of my roots. Naturally, I am drawn to the city’s colorful streets, music, and flavorful spices. Mexico City feels like one big familia. I could really feel the heartbeat of it here at the Formula 1 racetracks. You could see how much love and teamwork goes into such a big event. It’s a pretty incredible sport that celebrates passion and togetherness. From the sounds of the mariachi band singing and dancing to the screeching cars going at lightning speed, this trip to Mexico City made me feel alive. You’ll want to come back more to discover more art and amazing culinary experiences like a cooking class at Sobremesa which we had the pleasure of doing so with Formula 1 driver Esteban Guttierez, or an inspiring walk through the Museo de Arte Moderno. There is art and new friendships to be made all around this city. It’s time I brush up on my Spanish before my next visit. And what better reason to come back than to visit the new The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City

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The Ritz-Carlton has partnered with Saks 5th Avenue to create the most beautiful fashion meets travel window displays here at the NYC flagship. Two iconic locations it was inspired by? The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco and The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Imagine bold color blocking for afternoon strolls in Chinatown, and voluminous neutral sleeves that flutter with the breeze on the coast of Half Moon Bay. A beautiful trip to the Bay area is not complete without a few days in the heart of the city, and a few days by the sea. We were lucky enough to experience the best of both worlds, and that is what makes California so amazing and diverse.

We began our trip in San Francisco. I immediately fell in love with the super charming Stockton Street. Chic and elegant, the property felt like something out of a movie. The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco is just a quick walk from the hotel is San Francisco’s iconic hilly streets, the waterfront, and even better, Chinatown, where you can really feel the heartbeat of this vibrant city that somehow feels stuck in the 70’s. I brought the color with me in silk floral dresses and quirky shift dresses. I was lucky enough to squeeze in some family time here on the west coast. You could find us relaxing in the dining room at afternoon tea, our favorite time of day, indulging in sweet treats and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Evenings were made for their signature moment, a special cocktail inspired by the San Francisco fog. It’s moments like these, of bringing people together, that I live for. The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco makes family time extra special with a touch of luxury. And why not indulge every once in a while, especially when it comes to treating family.

From San Francisco, we made our way to a quick two night retreat at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, just less than an hour away from the city. This is a spot to recharge and unplug. The views from our room were absolutely divine. Coast and cliffs that just went on for miles. I liked to just crack my window open each morning just to simply breath in and out. The mornings in NYC definitely don’t sound like this. That’s what this location is for . . . blocking out the noise and bustle of city life. We spent our days in the spa here. The Redwood Forest Ritual was an experience to never forget. This massage completely revitalizes the soul with earthy herbs and wool blends that calm on contact and at first scent. Our nights were spent bundled under a blanket by the fire pit, as the sounds of the waves combined with bagpiper playing at sunset. This musical performance is just a special treat at The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay as the sun slowly went down each evening. Surreal and beautiful. Like a lullaby. It’s simplicity at it’s finest. But when we wanted to get out some leftover energy, the coast bike road was open and free for us to take an adventure on. And north we cycled for hours until we couldn’t cycle anymore. Just knowing that the ocean is by our side at every moment at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay is like having a perpetual best friend. it’s there for you always. Oh, and remember to check into the Club Lounge. You’ll find me there with a good book and a glass of wine each evening.

I felt at home at both The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco and The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. That sense of home is not easy to find everywhere you go. And that is what makes these two places so special. And gives me all the reason to never want to leave!


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