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// Vix bikini top and bottom, A GOLDE jeans, Pedro Garcia sandals, Gunia Project silk scarf //

I just had a mini holiday away in Palm Beach. Part work and part play. It was balmy. It was hot. This was my uniform. Can’t get enough of VIX swimwear. The fits are just so on point. 


In a dream world, we’re living in bikinis with plenty of sunshine. For many of us New Yorkers, we’re constantly planning sunny getaways mid-winter and looking for only a handful of pieces to get us through the quick trip. Dylana and I take 3 AMAIÒ bikinis through one very sunny day in Los Angeles. Whether it be peeking through the shadows by the pool, blending in with the city’s incredible mountains, or ending my day biking to town for dinner, I made the one-piece swimsuit my multi-piece. AMAIÒ Swim is absolute luxury. I like to think of their one-pieces as bodysuits that work well beyond sunbathing by the pool. If I’m headed out on a warm getaway, I lean towards the classics. I love nudes, blacks, and whites. That with a giant pair of gold earrings of course. If you look closely at each piece from the AMAIÒ Cruise 2019 collection, you’ll notice mesh detailing, pleats, and stunning empire waistlines. This certainly isn’t your typical swimsuit. It’s a work of art. Now where in the world should we go to next?

Black swimsuit: AMAIÒ Swim. Nude swimsuit: AMAIÒSwim. White swimsuit: AMAIÒ Swim.

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My second Miami Swim Week is officially accomplished. I flew from London to NYC to Miami this week, and I have 2 nights to get the most of swim week! Last time I went was about 2 years ago. I walked in a runway show…flooding back memories to my days at 15 and 16 years old, when all I did was runway work in both NY and LA! But as an editor, I love getting to plop down front row and just enjoy the show. So many vibrant colors. Amazing music. So many healthy, and athletic bodies. It was more like a place to celebrate what makes women so beautiful, in all our shapes and sizes. And it’s swim week…it’s mean to be complete fun! South Beach. Sun. The Raleigh. The Gale. We got some scattered showers but still, the scorching hot, hot, Miami heat was coming in strong. Swim week is the epitome of both work and pleasure.

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How was everyone’s first day of spring? I’m back in NY after what feels like a burst of back-to-back traveling but mentally, I’m still rocking this badass red swimsuit somewhere out in Mexico. Playing with shadows… jumping in the ocean…spending more time behind the lens than ever before. What more can a girl ask for? Every wild experience keeps me inspired to create and write and live and connect with you all. And we all know inspiration doesn’t always come easy after what feels like a long winter of hot toddy’s and oversized sweaters. Spring always gives me a rush of adrenaline and excitement. In with the new, out with the old…and not when it just comes to our closets. I’m excited for my new website (in the works), brand spankin’ new videos (subscribe now) and of course, Los Angeles (even for a few days for an upcoming shoot). Aaah, sunshine. Spring reminds me to take a little hop in my step and breathe a little more. Take more walks along the waterfront. Eat more fresh fruits. Spend more time with friends. Sing more. Take another dance class. Move more. Be inspired. I know, I know…my agenda is crazier than ever lately, and how could I do it all?! Sometimes I can’t even find the time to take that much-needed 1 hour pilates class. But I’m always working for that balance. I like that everyday feels different, especially when waking up in a new city. Tulum was a perfect getaway. I biked every single day. I lived in a bikini and loved the skin I was in, and embraced my body and it’s imperfections. No care in the world. Like I always say, imperfection is beauty. Say hello to spring!

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