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I love any reason to throw a party at my home, especially around the holidays. New York City is beyond beautiful at this time of year and I try┬áto spend every weekend leading up to Christmas day to celebrate and fully indulge in truly the most magical time of the year. To celebrate amazing friends. To celebrate one incredible year. The holidays go by so fast that you have to really take a second to stop in your tracts and reflect. Why not, by enjoying a cozy night in with my best friends? My favorite part of an at-home party is the fun of preparing. Putting on my apron and getting down in the kitchen. Getting to simply peek outside my windows and see the twinkling lights coming from my neighbor’s Christmas trees inspires me. It’s so heart warming, combined with the smell of freshly baked cookies from my oven. As I prepared for the party, I put on my favorite Christmas playlist, and baked a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies and a little DIY chocolate cake. The night is never complete without opening a few bottles of our favorite holiday drink as well, the Stella Artois Cidre. Yep, cidre not cider. It’s light and refreshing. It’s bubbly! It’s not too sweet, it’s extremely crisp. The fresh apple juice in every bottle always get me in the holiday spirit. Cidre always reminds me of winter. Home. The holidays. A hot fire place. I love this new spin on the classic Belgian Stella Artois beer..and so do my friends. Stella Artois Cidre is a no-brainer for me for any winter celebration because it’s easy and still super sophisticated. Everyone loves it, just like me.

But as always, our parties always get a little wild. Music is what I live for, so karaoke was another no-brainer. We danced to everything from Frank Sinatra to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album. Let’s just say we busted out all of the holiday classics before getting slipping off our shoes to start a dance off in my living room. My friends sparkling in their beautiful holiday dresses. Velvet, chiffon, and silk. Another reason why we love to get together is to dress up! I am finally whipping out the sparkles and satin from the back of my closet for all of my nights out. So with every cheers we said something that we were all thankful for this Christmas. I said good company and very good beer.


// Marc Jacobs dress, Dannijo earrings //



This summer really has been unlike any other. I’m grateful to do what I love and travel the world, and still get to come home to NYC and be completely grounded with my closest of friends. To me, these real moments are what life is all about. Being around the people you can be your most honest self with. Your dorkiest, funniest, weirdest self. That’s important. And right here at home on my rooftop in DUMBO, our weekend meeting spot. We got together this Labor Day Weekend to catch up and cheers to the end of summer. Our girl’s night always complete with everyone’s favorite, Stella Artois. A cold beer on the roof is what summer in New York City is all about. And we are all about chill vibes at Casa Natalie. For some reason, Stella Artois tastes even better from the bottle. Cool and refreshing. We spent the night giggling and reflected on everything. Those last minute escapes Upstate. Summer romance. Gallivanting in the heat in Paris. Getting completely sunsoaked in the Hamptons. Speeding in the NYC taxi with our windows down blasting music. Getting away with wearing the shortest of short shorts. I can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. I can already feel the crisp fall air rolling through. I’ll definitely miss this summer and all of it’s revelry. Summer to me always feels like freedom. The freedom to take Friday off and escape into your own world of imagination. Part of our tradition as friends is to grab a balloon, make a wish, and release it. I wish for more nights just like these.


In partnership with Stella Artois.

Photographed by Dylana Suarez