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Insadong, the super old town in Seoul, was spectacular. The vibrant colors on the walls and tiny wooden traditional homes. Endless rows of tea houses, and little food stands selling local sweets and fried donuts. I wanted to taste everything. I refused to put my camera down. Early that morning, we were busy filming the REEF music/travel film where I belted a song over my keyboard (which you can still view here). 2016 is going to be amazing once again as the REEF Girls ambassador. We have a lot of travels already lined up, and a lot more music involved so get ready! Work always feels like fun when you’re just creating constantly and doing what you love. With the people you love. After a day of capturing Insadong with Team Suarez, we watched the sunset over Bukhansan National Park. We had a moment of zen at the temple followed by a quiet walk up and down the steps through park. The leaves so vibrant and the air crisp and peaceful, it was bittersweet to leave South Korea. I can’t wait for another across-the-world trip.


// REEF rover sneakers //




Korean fashion definitely has that French influence. Funny that I already had this vintage beret packed. But it wasn’t long until I realized I needed another for my hat collection and made a quick stop at a hat shop to find that perfect souvenier.

After an early morning of shows at Seoul Fashion Week, we were on a mission to discover a taste of Korea’s history. We headed to Gyeongbokgun Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces of the “Five Grand Palaces.” It’s crazy that this beauty was built Joseon dynasty…back in the 14th century! Talk about taking a step back in time. I fell in love with it’s pastel pink walls, and exotic Korean designs painted on it’s roofs. With all 7,700 rooms, it’s pretty unreal. We were greeted by the palace guards, in traditional outfits. They stood so still…I was almost positive they were mannequins until I stepped right up close and saw a blink. They were real. Marching through the entrance of the palace after a ring of the bell. Swinging their swords. The rich blues and reds and teals of their traditional dress shimmering under the sun. Tourists from all over the world couldn’t put down their cell phones and selfie sticks. It was amazing capturing a moment filled with so much history and color.

As the sun started to set, we walked alongside the side of the palace to the back streets of Insadong, an older part of Seoul filled with Korea’s charming traditional homes. The streets were lined with adorable little shops, art, and of course food. It was exactly the place to pick up some fun gifts for your pals back home. Ashley picking up a cheeky pair of furry toes sneakers, as Dylana and I prowled the streets up and down for the perfect bowl of bulgogi (a not so simple, simple bowl of rice topped with perfectly grilled thin beef). I still salivate thinking of it. With so much time for our feets, it was about time us explorers just needed that cold Cass beer to knock us out in preps for a new day in this foreign land.


// Topshop turtleneck, AGAIN silk dress, Gucci bamboo tote, Vintage beret, Luiny rings//




Dylana and I made a last minute trip to the beautiful Seoul, South Korea! We were constantly talking about it, but with our crazy schedules, it felt impossible to make that 14 hour flight and deal with jet lag on top of everything we had on our work schedule. But our amazing friend Ashley, founder of the NYC store ANTHOM, inspired us to hop on the flight with her, and explore Korean fashion. She was buying for her store. And we thought it’d be the perfect GIRL TRIP. We just couldn’t wait to get some killer photos front row at the shows, explore the towns, and eat, eat, eat.

I’ve only been to Southeast Asia with my family before, but never thought I’d be in Korea! I have to say that the city is wonderful. So full of life. Lots of people. Everyone was extremely friendly. Everyone’s skin was stunning. (Korea is known for their amazing skin care. Can you say Dr. Jart?!) And I love Korean BBQ and bulgogi. We were ready to have a taste of their culture…something so different from our own lives, and we found it fascinating. The style, so influenced by pop culture and a bit of French and Swedish influence. I can’t believe how many striped shirts, oversize overalls, and berets there were. I even had to go scour a great beret of my own to take back to NYC.

After a full day of shows at the beautiful DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) venue that really did resemble a space ship, we hit the streets of Dongdaemun. The food stands and endless “face” shops selling facial masks and cheeky beauty products. We bought it all, even the face snail mask, and broccoli sheets promising only the most beautiful of skin. But by those 8pm shows…our jetlag hitting us extremely hard. Somehow, after a few hits of soju, we still managed to stay awake, and hit a night of karaoke at our hotel. We wanted anything to have our bodies adjust to the crazy time difference. You only live once right?


// Farah Khan sequin top, 7FAM corduroy jeans, Saint Laurent scarf, Gucci bamboo tote, Miista boots //