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There is always something going on in Montreal in the summertime. It my first time visiting this French city and not only did I fall in love with the charming Old Port and awesome food scene, but also the music. Osheaga Music Festival was for sure hot and steamy, but overall the music made it well worth those long lines to the food trucks and sticky crowds. Especially once the sun went down overhead, everyone seemed to mellow out. Talk about sun drunk. We were shooting with the Dynamite team and that made dressing for the festival extra easy. Halter dresses. The classic black bodysuit. And the perfect baby tanks.  We plopped down with some wine for Leon Bridges, Radiohead, and Haim….a few of my festival favorites that I always make sure to see while I’m traveling from city to city. Somehow, festivals never get old. You think “how am i going to survive this weekend?” I’ve already done SXSW, Coachella, and Bonnaroo this summer and man was it exhausting. But it’s all about those hilarious and wild and wacky memories that come with trekking it through these music festivals. Going home with sneakers so dirty you can’t even touch them, let alone look at them. Dealing with the dude who just cut in line for the port a potty’s. And managing to stay hydrated and squeeze in that mini nap on a hammock. You just gotta stick through and feel the energy from the crowds the whole way through. I think I’ve conquered festival season this year. Until the next one!


// Dynamite floral dress, black body suit, crop tanktop and denim skirt //

already featuring: Miu Miu sunglasses, Maria Castelli backpack