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464 Broome Street


I fell madly in love with the super chic and minimal Morgane Le Fay store in Soho. I remember being a kid and walking down Montana Ave in Santa Monica just going ga-ga. My obsessed started there. I get the same feeling here in NYC.┬áRecently, I’ve been investing in quality, simple pieces that I’ll keep forever. Unique shapes in out of this world delicate fabrics. Like this off shoulder dress that from a distance, looks shapeless, but with it’s one front tuck stitched so perfectly at the hip, it’s immediately transformed into something angelic and feminine. That’s what the designer does. Tweaks classic shapes into something unexpected and beautiful. I like to give them a fun spin with a good pair of leather clogs, and of course my layered on silver jewels. How killer is this ostrich skirt and star-studded blouse? Styling this for the streets is going to be FUN.


Wearing Morgane Le Fay

464 Broome Street.