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// Maje Paris hat, cardigan, swimsuit, and clogs //

I just got back from an absolutely beautiful and inspiring weekend in Montauk to celebrate the Maje Paris pop-up at The Surf Lodge. It feels good to get a little sun kissed. This collection is called Summer in Paradise, and for good reason. These colors immediately transport me to the sea, on the balcony, soaking in the sunset. This is my happy place. There is just so much vibrancy and life in this collection and it’s getting me so excited for the spontaneous summer weekends ahead.


I’m gearing up for the holidays on the East Coast. My very first ever. Normally I whisk myself back to Los Angeles to be with my family and soak in the hot sun, but this year, they are coming to visit me here in New York. Lucky me! It’s time to bundle up with our mittens, hop in a car, and explore what is outside the city. Here I am flashing back to an early fall weekend in Montauk with my family at Gurney’s. The resort was quiet. Peaceful. Nostalgic. The sound of the waves felt so deep and loud in the middle of the night. To wake up and hear it is just the best feeling in the world. I didn’t pack much. Just a crochet bikini and a lot of soft cottons and cashmere sweaters. It’s funny how I tend to blend in with my surroundings. From the nudes of the sand to the warm green from the all the brush, you’ll find bits of it in my wardrobe. I tend to be a chameleon when I’m surrounded by nature. You’ll even notice a lot of pieces here are from Sabrina SL‘s latest sustainable fashion collection. This woman is a dear friend and she too finds Montauk to be an incredible source of inspiration. The pastels like soft lavender and cloudy grey found in her pieces are inspired by Montauk’s ever changing sky. Just the thought of more weekends like this with loved ones puts a smile to my face. 


// Equipment blazer and pant, Stine Goya sweater vest, Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, Pedro Garcia shoes, Daisy London earrings, Katie Mullally necklace // 

There’s something magical about Montauk off-season. The beaches are quiet. The breeze allows me to wear my favorite sweater vest. I can sit on the balcony wrapped up on a blanket overlooking the waves in the sun. It’s crazy to think fall is really here and summer is over. My sister snapped up these images at the lighthouse. It’s been a while since I’ve shot a black and white series. The wind, the suit, and the waves seem more dramatic without any color. Even more beautiful. Funny enough, all l I remember was just how bright blue the water was, glaring back at me that day.


I know what you’re all thinking: This wetsuit is sick. I took this baby out for a chilled surf session out in Ditch Plains, Montauk with Cynthia Rowley and the team. She really does some of the most insane prints. I admire her love for color and graphic prints with a 70’s inspired touch. The team and I grabbed our glamorous surf gear and though we were hit with gloom and rain, it didn’t stop us from diving for the waves anyway. I’ve been super jet lagged after Singapore so this cold rush from the water really woke up my body and made me feel alive again. I can always count on surfing and swimming in the ocean to suddenly jump start me. My love for the sport began back home in California. Surf and skate culture were a huge part of my upbringing in Los Angeles. I remember modeling for everything surf/skate…my long, bleached locks, tanned skin, and messy bangs completely identified with rock n’ roll surf culture of the time. But it wasn’t until I stepped on my first board in Costa Rica that I became hooked. Then I surfed Nicaragua and Mexico. That adrenaline rush is what I live for. Whenever I catch a wave and stand up, I start screaming and yelling. It’s completely uncontrollable. Conquering even a small wave makes me so happy that I have to shout. Grungy surf style will always have a place in my heart, and I know that the laid-back look by the sea will never go away. I’m taking that part of my style, and elevating it with statement pieces like this perfect paisley wetsuit along with a delicate earring.  I wish I had more time to dedicate to the sport, but I’ll happily make the easy drive out to Montauk for a necessary afternoon pick-me-up.

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