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I’m gearing up for the holidays on the East Coast. My very first ever. Normally I whisk myself back to Los Angeles to be with my family and soak in the hot sun, but this year, they are coming to visit me here in New York. Lucky me! It’s time to bundle up with our mittens, hop in a car, and explore what is outside the city. Here I am flashing back to an early fall weekend in Montauk with my family at Gurney’s. The resort was quiet. Peaceful. Nostalgic. The sound of the waves felt so deep and loud in the middle of the night. To wake up and hear it is just the best feeling in the world. I didn’t pack much. Just a crochet bikini and a lot of soft cottons and cashmere sweaters. It’s funny how I tend to blend in with my surroundings. From the nudes of the sand to the warm green from the all the brush, you’ll find bits of it in my wardrobe. I tend to be a chameleon when I’m surrounded by nature. You’ll even notice a lot of pieces here are from Sabrina SL‘s latest sustainable fashion collection. This woman is a dear friend and she too finds Montauk to be an incredible source of inspiration. The pastels like soft lavender and cloudy grey found in her pieces are inspired by Montauk’s ever changing sky. Just the thought of more weekends like this with loved ones puts a smile to my face.