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// Salvatore Ferragamo blazer, pant, handbag, and pumps //

I have been missing Europe a lot this year. Milan. Paris. London. It is amazing that fashion week can still go on, safely during a global pandemic! Normally I would be hopping from show to show…city to city. I can’t wait until we can safely join the hustle and bustle. Salvatore Ferragamo has given their international guests the front row treatment, but directly from home and virtually. Here I am in Los Angeles with oculus glasses on, complete with a full on Ferragamo Fall 2020 look. How amazing are the red pumps and new Viva bag? Fit for a queen. I have cherished my pairs of Ferragamo bow flats for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing more elegant and timeless. I’m happy to add these pieces to my collection.


Milan this past Milan Fashion Week was the coldest it’s ever felt for me. This huge shearling coat was my best friend this past season…that along with a great pair of tights and over-the-knee boots. Now that I’m living in tee-shirts and jeans here in Los Angeles, I forget how much I adore these luxurious textures and pieces in my closet. I kept myself super busy with fashion week appointments and shows, which made me somewhat forget how brutally chilly it was outside. My rule: keep moving. As an LA native, I am shocked at how well I handle these intense winters. Maybe it’s because I literally never stop. My mind is always elsewhere…the weather will just have to do!

Some of my Milan highlights this season were Bally and Tommy Hilfiger. Completely different, yet both relatable to my style. Bally felt fresh and youthful this season, with a classic 70’s twist with bright red shearling collars and retro black chelsea boots. It was a very sleek and sophisticated take on vintage classics. Tommy’s show was on the sporty, All-Americana side of the spectrum. Think biker shorts and striped race car driver moto jackets and leather pants. I left Milan feeling inspired as ever, though the jet lag was officially kicking in. Despite crazy weather, we explored, we ate, and we met a lot of wonderful people. I even got to do the lucky spin for the first time ever in the heart of the Duomo! I am just happy to look back and see we’ve survived one very intense and very cold fashion month. Since then, I’ve been traveling again yet taking things a little bit slower. I’m home in LA this weekend. It’s a good 90 degrees and I’ll be by the pool and hot tub for most of the afternoon. All that hard work and travel has really paid off. Time to enjoy what the new season has to offer.

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Milan Fashion Week is wonderful in that in-between shows you have all the pasta and pizza in the world right at your fingertips. Heaven. I was just in town with Tommy Hilfiger for once again, one of the biggest shows of the season. The #TOMMYNOW show is a production, and you definitely want to be invited. There’s always incredible music and most of all, an insane energy that just radiates during fashion week. I’m talking crazy huge crowds and one of the largest red carpets I’ve ever seen. It certainly was a star-studded event with an audience of people flown in from all over the world, just for this one show. At my fitting I went for a classic All-Americana sheer jersey and trouser pant. It took me a quick 5 minutes to finalize my look…easy. I love that Tommy gives me a reason to sport my casual reds, whites, and blues anytime of the year. And head-to-toe sheer in freezing Milano? Anything for Tommy, of course, with a little tug on my winter coat. The venue was so big, I may as well call it a stadium. Race cars lined the runway and I couldn’t help but climb up on a few tires for an epic view of the space. It had been completely transformed into a fire engine red race track inspired by all things fast and furious. The models came out in crop tops, bombers, and killer biker shorts made for putting the pedal to the metal. Coming from a girl who loves to drive, the energy was electric. A super fun race car track in the middle of Milano was just what the city needed this fashion week.

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A blazer and tee…the perfect travel companions. Effortless and easy. Jazzed up with a fur boot by my Italian friends at AGL. Milan Fashion Week was such a dream. Team Suarez was in town with Fendi. I cannot wait to tell you all about the show, our fitting…and the outfits of course. Milan is a place to dress to the nines. I was blown away by the streetstyle. The shoes. The bags. In Milan, more is more, and I mean that with pasta as well! With a few extra moments to spend exploring this stunning city, I found this to be my favorite time of day. As the sun goes down, a gold hue is sent through the streets off the Duomo. Ahh, Italia…you’re my favorite. Magic. Days were spent at the shows. I’m talking glamorous piazzas and open patios…where the fashion week champagne endlessly flowed. Each venue felt like a secret garden in the the heart of this buzzing city. Only in Italy! We were blessed with gorgeous weather. I spent late nights strolling down the pedestrian streets in search of a simple, mouthwatering plate of of penne pomodoro. Complete only with a rich glass of pinot noir. They don’t call it La Dolce Vita for nothing.

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