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When in Roma, and traveling in 90 degree weather, wear only shoulder baring tops. This year I have been traveling so much, and I have still so much to fill you in on. This was my last day in ITALIA. Looking back, I have thoroughly enjoyed living my entire summer in this one pair denim shorts, having the craziest tan ever, and the blondest of locks. Since then, I’ve colored my hair back to a chocolate brown, and back to my normal olive shade. It is only in Italy that you can just eat pizza and canolis all day…sit in a square, and watch the artist’s paint an image of the city. You sometimes deserve to treat yourself to an escape that feels much like out of a movie or fairytale. I remember just arriving in Rome, and hopping on the back of a scooter taxi. We were far too tired from our roadtrip to walk. We slept in the back seat as we dodged traffic through the noisy streets past the Colosseum, our driver shouting and ringing her bell. So hot and smoldering, I had to squint just looking up at it. But still, happy as can be. It’s nice knowing you can cool off with a perfect glass of white wine on any street corner. But now, can you believe it’s mid-fall? All I can smell are the pumpkin spice lattes and pine cones. My wool winter coats are finally making an appearance…as are my leather jackets. I’m currently in San Francisco. Making my way to LA in the afternoon, and planning a Caribbean work trip in the next month. Somehow trying to fit in my birthday with friends in the mix. Who says you need sleep when you’ve got places to go…and people to see?!


And due to limited wifi, I realized not one of my Snapchats posted. Luckily, I have them saved..for memories. Now watch them on my YOUTUBE.

// Free People top, Vintage shorts and vintage scarf, Coach backpack //