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// Malone Souliers shoes, Sandro Paris dress and skirt, Ming Ray handbag //

I have recently rediscovered my love for dance. With all the evenings spent inside, I naturally began a nightly routine where I throw on a pair of stockings, blast some music, and start to freestyle, twisting and turning in my living room. I grew up taking lessons. Jazz, hip-hop, ballet, you name it. It was through dance that I really first able to express myself, and that love really just came back, completely out of the blue. I guess what lives inside of you, never really goes away. I now feel more reconnected with my body than ever before. This look is inspired by the little ballerinas inside of us. It started with these pastel Malone Souliers shoes. I was inspired by their softness and femininity. I will be so ready to make NYC my dance floor when the time comes.