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// Bondi Born Australia linen dress //

I am standing in an iconic spot in Oahu, the China Walls. This is a place that has an energy that releases my inner child. You’ll see young kids jumping off the cliff. Teenagers gathered in groups playing music, gearing up for the sunset. I could immediately relate to the child version of me, growing up in California, where you had zero worries, just sun, the water, and good friends. Even with it’s very youthful energy, it’s also a place to feel grounded on a quiet day. Feet bare on the floor, connected to Mother Nature. The tide getting higher and higher behind me. Go here and you’ll even get a glimpse of a few rainbows if you’re lucky.


// Equipment linen shirt and linen pant, Chite Milano bralette // 

There’s nothing I love more than the 5pm sun in my house. It hits my living room just right and fills up my home with so much beautiful light. If I’m lucky, we’ll get a rainbow! Dylana shot these lovely images of me after a long work day. We’ve been working a lot on our Leica SL cameras. It’s certainly the best camera I’ve worked with recently. It’s just absolutely magical and makes shooting on the daily feel effortless. I miss our amazing Leica crew and all of our travel adventures! Even with stay-at-home orders, the creativity doesn’t stop. Find spots in your home, play with the sunlight, and make some art. I feel my best imagery are taken on the fly. Unplanned. Totally natural. On sleepy evenings, I always slip into this linen shirt and trouser. It’s easy pieces like these that are getting me through spring.