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// Bondi Born Australia linen dress //

I am standing in an iconic spot in Oahu, the China Walls. This is a place that has an energy that releases my inner child. You’ll see young kids jumping off the cliff. Teenagers gathered in groups playing music, gearing up for the sunset. I could immediately relate to the child version of me, growing up in California, where you had zero worries, just sun, the water, and good friends. Even with it’s very youthful energy, it’s also a place to feel grounded on a quiet day. Feet bare on the floor, connected to Mother Nature. The tide getting higher and higher behind me. Go here and you’ll even get a glimpse of a few rainbows if you’re lucky.


// Simon Miller bodysuit, pant, and sandal. Versace scarf // 

Punk was my nickname growing up. I was always a mischievous kid, and a total tomboy. I never wore a dress. I was always silly and being playful in my big combat boots and baggy clothes. I refused to wear my hair down. These vinyl pants bring out that trouble-maker side of my personality just with an added coolness. Luckily, I’m a lot more tame now. 


// Paige sweater, Triangl swimsuit //

We were lucky with weather in Oahu. We had plenty of sun and just this one rain day, and honestly, it was even more beautiful, especially in the rustic North Shore. There’s an intensity by the sea on a rain day. Chaotic and full of energy. Surfers were still out, doing their thing. The beauty of Hawaii is the ease in its lifestyle. I didn’t have to change out of a bikini once. 


I was literally toasting on the black sand beaches of Maui this summer. The darker the sand, the hotter it actually gets. Within only 10 minutes, I could feel the tip of my nose and shoulders immediately turning pink. For some reason this particular beach wouldn’t show up on our GPS. With just a little wooden sign saying “beach,” we followed it down a tiny road leading to an absolutely perfect little black sand cove. The most off-the-beaten path you can get. What I remember most is the breeze, and chasing my hat down the beach everywhere I turned. But it was also it’s intense color palette that left me smitten.

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