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Cinq à Sept | PARIS


Cinq à sept is the French term for the moments linking late afternoon with early evening. The intriguing time of the day where anything is possible. Where you can grab a cocktail with mystery boy at the bar, or slip away…unknown during these after-work hours. I fell in love with this new contemporary brand the moment I slipped on this dress from the Pre-Fall collection. Its embroidered stars and flowers were made for Paris moments like these, here in my room at the Four Seasons, George V. My gal pal Haleigh snagged these beautiful photos while getting dressed for a work dinner in the Champs-Élysées. There’s something so sexy about this hotel. The lobby was exploding with bouquets of freshly cut white flowers. But best of all, the rooms. I’ve always dreamt of having a special yellow room in my house and this one is the perfect inspiration. Yellow carpets. Decadent yellow walls. Yellow pillows and chairs the color of a banana. And a ladybug on the wall that just wouldn’t leave during my stay. It’s true that some of my favorite photos are taken by my friends. In your most natural and comfortable state. Cinq à sept. I threw on my shaggy lavender vest and off we went. Paris, I love you.

photos by Haleigh at the Four Seaons Paris George V


// Cinq à Sept dress, Jocelyn vest, Marie Claire St. John scarf //